Service Matrix

This page is a quick list of services currently available on the branch.
You can see the bleeding edge list here and the released services here.
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AcapelaSpeechis a proprietary cloud service, currently returns speech and background music
cloud service requires internet connection and possibly account
Adafruit16CServoDrivercontrols 16 pwm pins for 16 servos/LED or 8 motorsshield pwm servo
AdafruitIna219measures voltage and current of a circuitshield sensor i2c
AdafruitMotorHat4PiAdafruit DC and Stepper Motor Hat for Raspberry PIshield pwm servo
Ads1115a higher-precision analog to digital converter 16-bitshield sensor i2c
Agentresponsible for spawning a MRL process. Agent can also terminate, respawn and control the spawned processframework
Androidre-publishes Android proximity and position informationsensor
AndroidSpeechRecognitionservice which opens a listening port on 5684 and re-publishes incoming Android recognized speechspeech recognition
Arduinocontrols an Arduino microcontroller as a slave, which allows control of all the devices the Arduino is attached to, such as servos, motors and sensorsmicrocontroller
Armrobot arm servicerobot
AudioCapturecaptures and stores audio from microphonesound
AudioFilecan play audio files on multiple trackssound
AzureTranslatorinterface to Azure translation services
cloud service requires internet connection and possibly account
cloud translation ai
BeagleBoardBlackservice to access the beagle board black hardwaremicrocontroller
Blenderinterfaces Blender for simulation and displaysimulator display
Blocksbasic block programming interfaceprogramming
Bno055General BNO055 acclerometer and gyromicrocontroller sensor
BoofCva very portable vision library using pure Javavision video
Chassiscontrol platformgeneral
ChessGameinterface to a Chess gamegame
ChessGameManagermanages multiple interfaces for a chess gamegame
CleverBotchatbot serviceintelligence
Clicommand line interpreter interface for myrobotlabframework
Clockused to generate pulses and recurring messagesscheduling
Cronis a cron like service capable of scheduling future actions using cron syntaxscheduling
CsvConnectorThis service crawls a csv file and publishes each row as a documentingest
Databasedatabase - wrapper around jdbc accessstorage
DatabaseConnectorThis service will run a select statement against a database and return the rows as documents to be publishedingest
Deeplearning4jA wrapper service for the Deeplearning4j
DiyServoControls a motor so that it can be used as a Servocontrol servo
DocumentPipelineThis service will pass a document through a document processing pipeline made up of transformersingest
EddieControlBoardmicrocontroller designed for roboticsmicrocontroller
Esp8266wifi Arduinomicrocontroller
Esp8266_01ESP8266-01 service to communicate using WiFi and i2ccontrol i2c
FileConnectorThis connector will scan all the files in a directory and production documentsingest
GoProcontrols a GoPro camera over wifivideo
GoogleAssistantAccess Google Assistant through voice interaction
cloud service requires internet connection and possibly account
GoogleCloudgoogle api client service
cloud service requires internet connection and possibly account
cloud vision
Gpsparses NMEA sentences coming in over a Serial servicelocation sensor
HtmlFilterThis service will strip html markup from the input textfilter data
HtmlParserhtml parserdocument
HttpClienta general purpose http client, used to fetch information on the web
cloud service requires internet connection and possibly account
I2cMuxMultiplexer for i2c to be able to use multiple i2c devicescontrol i2c
ImageDisplayService to Display Imagesdisplay
ImapEmailConnectorThis connector will connect to an IMAP based email server and crawl the emails
cloud service requires internet connection and possibly account
data ingest
InMoovThe InMoov servicerobot
InMoovArmthe InMoov Arm Servicerobot
InMoovEyelidsInMoov Eyelidsrobot
InMoovGestureCreatoran easier way to create gestures for InMoovrobot
InMoovHandan easier way to create gestures for InMoovrobot
InMoovHeadInMoov Head Servicerobot
InMoovTorsoInMoov Torsorobot
IndianTtsHindi tts supportspeech
IntegratedMovementa 3D kinematics service supporting D-H parametersrobot control
InverseKinematicsInverse Kinematicsrobot control
InverseKinematics3Da 3D kinematics service supporting D-H parametersrobot control
IpCameracontrol and video stream capture for generic ip cameravideo
JFugueservice wrapping Jfugue, used for music and sound generationsound
JMonkeyEngineis a 3d game engine, used for simulatorssimulator
JavaFxGuiused as a general templategeneral
JavaScriptnative jvm javascript engine, which allows execution of javascript through exec methodprogramming
Joystickservice allows interfacing with a keyboard, joystick or gamepadcontrol
Keyboardkeyboard interfacecontrol
LeapMotionLeap Motion Servicetelerobotics sensor
LidarThe Lidar Service - Light Detection And Rangingsensor
LidarVlp16used as a general templatesensor lidar
Lm75aLM75A Digital temperature sensorshield sensor i2c
LocalSpeechLocal OS text to speech ( tts.exe / say etc ... )speech
LogLogging Service helpful in diagnosticsframework
MailSMTP ssl/tls service used for sending thingsconnectivity
MarySpeechSpeech synthesis based on MaryTTSspeech sound
MicrosoftSpeechSpeech synthesis based on Microsoft speech with Jampal.speech
MimicSpeechSpeech synthesis based on Mimic from the MyCroft AI project.speech sound
MobilePlatformused to encapsulate many of the functions and formulas regarding 2 motor platforms encoders and other feedback mechanisms can be added to provide heading, location and other informationrobot control
MotorMotor service which supports 1 pwr pwm pin and 1 direction pinmotor
MotorDualPwmMotor service which support 2 pwr pwm pins clockwise and counterclockwisemotor
MotorHat4PiMotor service for the Raspi Motor HATmotor
MotorPortsupports port related motor controllers such as the Sabertooth and AdaFruitMotorShieldmotor
MouthControlMouth movements based on spoken textcontrol
Mpr121MPR121 Touch sensor & LED Drivershield sensor i2c
Mpu6050General MPU-6050 acclerometer and gyromicrocontroller sensor
MqttThis is an Mqtt client based on the Paho Mqtt client library. Mqtt is a machine-to-machine (M2M)/'Internet of Things' connectivity protocol. See
cloud service requires internet connection and possibly account
cloud connectivity
MultiWiiMultiWii interfacecontrol
MyoThalmicMyo service to control with the Myo armbandcontrol sensor
NaturalReaderSpeechNatural Reader based speech service.
cloud service requires internet connection and possibly account
NeoPixelControl a Neopixel hardwaredisplay control
Nodeembedded node jsprogramming
OculusDiyService to receive and compute data from a DIY Oculuscontrol sensor video
OculusRiftThe Oculus Rift Head Tracking Servicecontrol sensor video
OledSsd1306OLED driver using SSD1306 driver and the i2c protocolcontrol i2c
OpenCVOpenCV (computer vision) service wrapping many of the functions and filters of OpenCVvision sensor video
OpenNiOpenNI Service - 3D sensorvision telerobotics sensor video
OpenWeatherMapThis service will query OpenWeatherMap for the current weather. Get an API key at
cloud service requires internet connection and possibly account
data weather
OscService for the Open Sound Control using the JavaOsc librarymusic network
Pcf8574Pcf8574 i2c 8 pin I/O extendershield sensor
PicaxePicaxe microcontrollermicrocontroller
PickToLightPick to light systemindustrial
PidA proportional integral derivative controller (Pid controller) commonly used in industrial control systemsindustrial control
Pingdarused as a ultra sonic radardisplay sensor
PirPIR - Passive Infrared Sensorsensor
Pistonused as a general templategeneral
Pollyused as a general template
cloud service requires internet connection and possibly account
ProgramABAIML 2.0 Reference interpreter based on Program ABintelligence
Proxyused as a general templategeneral
Pythonthe Jython script engine compatible with pure Python 2.7 scriptscontrol programming
PythonProxyProvides an API hook point to services written in native Python.bridge
RSSConnectorThis will crawl an rss feed at the given url and break apart the page into Documents
cloud service requires internet connection and possibly account
RasPiRaspberry Pi service used for accessing specific RasPi hardware like th GPIO pins and i2ccontrol i2c
RekognitionAmazon visual recognition cloud service
cloud service requires internet connection and possibly account
RelayRelay used by an arduinohome automation
RemoteAdapterallows remote communication between applets, or remote instances of myrobotlabframework connectivity network
Roombacontrols a Roomba robot through a blue-tooth serial portrobot control
Rosinterface to Rosbridge
Runtimeis a singleton service responsible for the creation, starting, stopping, releasing and registration of all other servicesframework
Sabertoothinterface for the powerful Sabertooth motor controllermotor control
Securityprovides securitysecurity framework
SegmentDisplayused as a general templategeneral
SensorMonitorsensor monitor - capable of displaying sensor information in a crude oscilliscope fasiondisplay sensor
Serialreads and writes data to a serial portsensor control
SerialRelayRelaying Serial data to a different serial port on mega Arduinogeneral
ServoControls a servomotor control
ServoOrchestratororganize your Servo-movementsmotor display control
Shoutboxshoutbox serverconnectivity
SlamBadbasic simulator based on Simbadsimulator display
SolrSolr Service - Open source search enginesearch data
Speechused as a general templategeneral
Sphinxopen source pure Java speech recognitionspeech recognition
Sprinklersprinkler systemhome automation control
Ssc32UsbServoControllerLynxmotion usb 32 servo controllercontrol servo
Sweetyservice for the Sweety robotrobot
SwingGuiService used to graphically display and control other servicesdisplay
TarsosDspdigital signal processing - used for audio effects, although it could have many other usesgeneral
TesseractOcrOptical character recognition - the ability to readintelligence
TestTesting servicetesting
TestCatcherThis service is used to test messagingframework testing
TestThrowerTestThrower is used with TestCatcher to test messagingframework testing
TextTransformTextTransformfilter data
ThingSpeakService which can relay data to a ThingSpeak accountcloud connectivity
TopCodesTopcodes finds visual references and identifiersvision sensor video
Trackinguses a video input and vision library to visually track objectsvision sensor control video
Tracking2proportional control, tracking, and translationvision sensor control video
Tutorialused as a general tutorialgeneral
TwitterService which can relay tweets
cloud service requires internet connection and possibly account
cloud connectivity
UltrasonicSensorranging sensorsensor
VideoStreamerVideo streaming servicedisplay video
VirtualArduinovirtual hardware of for the Arduino!simulator
VirtualDevicea service which can create virtual serial ports and behaviors implemented in python for themtesting
VisionVision (computer vision) service wrapping many of the functions and filters of Visionvision sensor video
VoiceRssVoiceRss speech synthesis service.
cloud service requires internet connection and possibly account
WebGuiweb displayconnectivity display
WebGuiClientused as a general webguiclientgeneral
Webcamused as a general webcamvideo
WebkitSpeechRecognitionSpeech recognition using Google Chrome webkitspeech recognition
WiiWii mote control and sensor infocontrol sensor
WiiBot(not implemented) - robot utilizing the wii mote and wiidarrobot
WiiDarranging using a wiimotesensor
WikiDataFetcherThis service grab data from wikidata website
cloud service requires internet connection and possibly account
WolframAlphaWolfram service
cloud service requires internet connection and possibly account
data intelligence
XMLConnectorThis is an XML Connector that will parse a large xml file into many small xml documentsdata
Xmppxmpp service to access the jabber networkconnectivity
YahooFinanceStockQuoteThis service will query Yahoo Finance to get the current stock price. more info @ finance
_TemplateProxyTemplate proxy service
_TemplateServiceused as a general templategeneral