This is the MyRobotLab Service for the Raspberry Pi.  It should allow all control offered by the great Pi4J project. It allows for MRL to use the GPOI pins of the Raspberry PI. Currently ot has methods implemented to allow all MRL supported i2c services to be used directly on the Pasberry GPIO pins. The RasPi service can only execute on a Rapberry PI, since it requires access to the hardware of the Raspberry PI.

References :

Example for develop:

#file : RasPi.py edit raw

# start the service
raspi = runtime.start("raspi","RasPi")

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myrobotlab on raspi 2

tried to follow instructions as of http://myrobotlab.org/service/RasPi

I am able to echo the java version but double clicking the myrobotlab.jar does not show me it's gui (as in Windows) but asks me for the root-pw (which I was able to define) but then pops up a dialog for additional software installations.