This service allows the calculation of inverse kinematics for a (n) degrees of freedom robot arm, mounted on a rotating base..

Insert your point coordinates (x,y,z) and your rods length, and it will calculate angles of rods and base in order to reach that point

TODO : send calculated angles to arduino service and servos service


Excellent description of the math for inverse and forward kinmatics




#file : service/ edit raw
# start the service
inversekinematics = Runtime.start("inversekinematics","InverseKinematics")

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SUPA - WORKY !!!! A very nice


A very nice & very needed service Alessandruino ! 
Worked for me !

It's great that you have a solid background in the mathmatics :)
I pressed the gui tab.. Where is the 3D Arm ?  :D

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We need the Jroboop library

We need the Jroboop library for the 3D Arm in the GUI :D

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This appears to be the most

This appears to be the most advanced commercial software for the LynxMotion Kit ..   It looks pretty nifty - nice polished appearance.  It doesn't have as many facets or services as MRL - but it still looks cool.  I like the circles as a sweep radius and the 2 views.  The script is pretty cool too, but not sure if it supports more complex behavior - like finite state machines, and a large variety of sensor input.