A helpful diagnostic Service which knows how to associate itself with a user interface.  It can display messages from other Services.


Start / Stop Logging - starts or stops all logging

log level - sets the global logging level - this is what logging will be created 
clear - clears current log
pause - pauses logging
- direction of logging default newest entries at top, can switch to newest entries on bottom
filter logging - filters the logging based on the source (any) is any source
filter threads - filters the logging based on thread (andy) is any thread
filter level - filters current view but does not change the logging level - this is only changes the view of logging
get log - get/download the full myrobotlab.log file

window size is the amount of log entries in the webgui


Filter Logging :

Selecting "Service" filters on all entries from the Service logger

Filter Threads
the following shows filtering on the thread which is generating all the pulses every second


Example for develop:

#file : Log.py edit raw

# start the service
log = runtime.start("log","Log")

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hello this log service is not

hello this log service is not found in myrobotlab version 1.0.1762 i downloaded from the website, any help