A service to control your GoPro camera...


Your computer must be connected to your GoPro WiFi

Example for develop:

#file : edit raw

gopro = runtime.start("gopro","GoPro")

#declare which kind of GoPro Family you want to control "HERO3", "HERO4"

#insert the password of the GoPro Wifi

#shutter On

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Looking forward to testing

Nice stuff @Ale!  I'll try and test it out over the next few days with the hero3 :)  

It'd be awesome if we could attach to the streaming video from the gopro ..  not sure how difficult that will be.

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Attaching to the streaming video

Kwatters, I think this should be fairly easy.  I believe you can connect phones and other devices to watch a live stream of video from a GoPro.  I have been going to add a GoPro to Junior's shoulder... my birthday is coming up. I guess it is time for an early Birthday present for me (or technically Junior) I am sure we can grab the video stream with OpenCV.