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Hello to all!
I need to register the connection of the third Arduino in the configuration file. Who can tell you how to do this?

since unknown reason, my internet can not access github, i set up a v2ray VPN in my computer.

I tried to update sytem under "runtime" tab. by click "install all" 

but failed by saying 

Repo error unresolved depency:***

the MRL is 1.0.2693.

i guess myrobotlab java app does not access the internet by my VPN tunel 

anyone know how to access the "install all" by proxy?

I'm building an InMoov and have a problem with MyRobotLab where it hears it's own voice and responds to it. For example:

Me: Say what is the time

Inmoov : What is the time

Inmoov : The time is 4:43pm

Inmoov: Is that a fact

It seems it does not consistently stop listening when talking. Any ideas?

Experimentation's with a TelegramBot polling an ESP32.

These Bots can be found or created via the Telegram App Messaging service...

(in our case I have called it "MRLbot" )

MRLbot & ESP32 Marriage possibilities :-

Proportional, Integral and Derivative or PID control systems have been around for a very long time, but they are still not very well understood.

Recently I convinced Fred to give a bit of a talk on the subject.
Good thing with robots, is convincingthem is just a case of programming them :-)

Here is the video of Fred's presentation.

I just bought one of these, thought I would bring to your attention :-

Best part ..... its circa 120$ delivered including two x1/x10 probes ..

(-: bonus for me was that the customs elves were on coffee break :-)

In a nut shell its a Dual channel 100Mhz with 7" colour touch screen.

The performance drops off the more you lean over 80Mhz. (100Mhz is bit tongue in cheek, however how often do we need to measure so high)

I opened _InMoov.config and modified the Language=tr then opened service_5_Mouth.config modified  the voicename too.

I started the START_INMOOV.bat but only voice changed, language is still english. What should i do?

Going back a year or two ago, I post a couple of blogs on the then current state of walking Robots progress out in the community.
At the time, The most advanced, as in it walked was John Stagers robot.