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Hi Guys,

the more i dive into robotics, the more i feel the need to use stepper motors.

Especially on the inmov head/neck it could be a cool option to remove the servo noises, also steppers are pretty cheap, thanks due to 3d printing massproduction :) Sure the code would need a lot of adjustment, and positioning is also a challange, end stops, hall sensors, but its fun! :)

I know this topic was there in the past already, whats the current situation, is it work in progress? 

I just purchased my first 3D printer about 2+ months ago as a COVID stay sane self-isolation distraction. Recently I discovered InMoov and thought that would be a good project to occupy my stay at home time with.  I have worked with Arduinos and Rasp PIs and thought this would be engaging on many different levels. 

I started documenting my project here on instagram:

I have a background in the arts and in I.T.


I would like some help from all of you;
quando collego arduino uno a myrobotlab (ultima versione) riconosce la porta dove ho collegato arduino ma quando premo su connect myrobotlab si chiude completamente i have this error. il bordo
Arduino works perfectly. I'm sure I'm wrong, can you please help me?

With the latest build - when you start it from the console gives you an interactive cli shell.
The cli shell's interpreter is the same as the http service api.
For example:

is the same as
/runtime/ls in the shell

Birdy Cam is getting ready for the Winter...

This is an ESP32 Cam being fed into MRL's OpenCV service, streaming Mpeg with URL (plus Motion Detect Filter).

If you have an ESP32 Cam then it is HIGHLY recommended to install a good antenna (see below).

For point of cost reference ESP32Cam is circa $6 (one bag of sunflower seeds also circa $6).


I have been running mrl for several months and all is well with it. I can edit the config files and set up my servos.

I want to move on to InMoov2

In what directory are the config files in inmoov2 to edit min max rest  etc for the servos

For example the head?  

I have tried editing the files in C:\mrl\myrobotlab\resource\InMoov2\config\ skeleton_head.config.default but the changes do not show up when I start the program using START_Temporary.bat





I will use for tracking the motion of a person the Lidar X4.

In the first step, I try to install ROS on my Raspberry 3b+, but in Linux it's not so easy as it seems.

Did anyone has experiences with lidars or ROS  to share ?