I'm building an InMoov and have a problem with MyRobotLab where it hears it's own voice and responds to it. For example:

Me: Say what is the time

Inmoov : What is the time

Inmoov : The time is 4:43pm

Inmoov: Is that a fact

It seems it does not consistently stop listening when talking. Any ideas?


3 years 10 months ago

You may need to add a link between the Speech Recognition service and the Text To Speech service.


# shutdown microphone if robot speaking
The above is an extract from the http://myrobotlab.org/service/WebkitSpeechRecognition Service page.
In the example from the http://myrobotlab.org/service/Sphinx page,
The Sphinx service was called ear and the TTS service was called mouth.
In both examples, there is a link connecting the Speech Recognition service with the TTS service to prevent the Speech Recognition from talking to it's self :-)