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Good Day everyone,


Hope every one is well and healthy. I am trying to write a program for kinematics of the left hand without using myrobotlb. I already have the DH parameters as below.


Hi guys,

beside a screenshot of the opencv surface areas.
Can anyone give me explanations what these areas (blue) mean and which settings make which results ?

@Gael, I think something like this would be good - I'm close to finishing it out, but I want merged in first, because it makes getting the valid list of future and existing speech services and servos much more clean.

Changes in the UI can/will be saved out through config, and loaded if desired.

Hello again.
I'm using 1.1.557.  I created the arduino and servo services. While testing in servo service page in the web gui, after 3 or so movements the servo and page takes sometime to respond.  In the terminal page, it's immediate.

doing the same test in the swing GUI, it works correctly.  

so question 1 - is this a known bug?

question 2 - where do we look for known bugs?

question 3 -  how do we report a bug?

thanks for assistance in advance and the work you all do

Hello again! I'm using the manticore version and I don't know how to make the inmoov talk physically(synchronized speech with mouth movement). I can talk to MarrySpeech via python in MRL. Are there any resources on this? The only video I could find:
(Version is different)


I have the current version of manticore running on a mac. the swinggui displays right, but when going into webgui, alll i see is a blank screen.  i have put in a no worky report

osx version10.11.6

chrome version 92.0.4515.159


2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

I would just like to say hello.

I have just started my printing of the InMoov Robot (eyes) and ordered some servo's 



How to release a single service. At the moment the webgui can leave the icon in the services tab column until its clicked on, but the service is released.

Release button under drop down menu.