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I have continued to work on the robot legs and have them 'static' walking

All the main support parts are made in aluminum 

Still using RoboClaw boards for driving the 10 motors, all motors have encoders

New all joints have angle sensors

I have a IMU on the platform and am using roll and pitch

power is from 3 LION 3.7 volt cells on the top back,  cells are from a hybrid car

I finally listened to Ray and have the weight on the top, inverted pendulum

Javadoc link

The Random service can create random messages with random parameters.  Any method accessable can be called at some interval with ranges of parameters.  For example, if you wanted a Servo to move at some interval between 1 and 5 seconds between 35 and 165.

random = Runtime.start('random','Random')
random.addRandom(1000, 5000, 'servo01', 'moveTo', random.intRange(35, 165))


Example of Web UI list of current random method events

Hello, enybody can explain me how the signals from MRL serial to Arduino is coded?
I am trying to decode but have no idea what method is used to code serial messages going to arduino.
Example from serial readings that:

Javadoc link

The HD44780 is the primary chip for a 16 character x 2 or 20 x 4 line LCD display.
These small displays can be found cheap online and are easy to use with a device with an I2C bus master.