Next version 'Nixie' is coming soon !

Help us to get ready with MyRobotLab version Nixie: try it !

This will describe some of the methods which MyRobotLab can communicate to micro-controllers or other computers.  The purpose would be to empower simple robots with more advanced software, networking, and augmented computational power.  Some of this is described here

The Micro2440 SDK Board is a development board for the FriendlyArm Micro2440.  This little board can run Linux.  It comes with FriendlyArms custom compiled kernel, but other forms of Linux can run on it too (Ubuntu & Fedora).  Santa was kind enough to send be the development board and a Micro2440 to experiment with.

Here is my current setup:

Swarm Brain #1

There it is..  a BBB + BT.  Reprogrammed it to talk at 57600 baud.  I can connect to it from my Computer or Phone.   
Good little swarm brain.  Now, got to make a few more... ;)

MyRobotLab (MRL-15) now supports IP Cameras.  At least ones which return mjpeg video streams with Content-size set in the multi-part headers.

with the latest binaries and a a simple :

 chumby:/mnt/usb-E0FD-1813/myrobotlab-0014# /mnt/usb/java/ejre1.6.0_25/bin/java - classpath ":myrobotlab.jar:./lib/*" -Djava.library.path=./bin org.myrobotlab.ser vice.Invoker -service Jython jython RemoteAdapter remote -logToConsole -logLevel  DEBUG

I started a Jython & RemoteAdapter service without a gui on the Chumby in debug mode with logging to the console.
Without a GUI you say ?!?   Yes..  Because we'll use a MRL instance on the windows box and connect.


I have been in contact with several members from Magabot.  I will be creating a Magabot service and some example Python scripts for some fun capability testing.