The Micro2440 SDK Board is a development board for the FriendlyArm Micro2440.  This little board can run Linux.  It comes with FriendlyArms custom compiled kernel, but other forms of Linux can run on it too (Ubuntu & Fedora).  Santa was kind enough to send be the development board and a Micro2440 to experiment with.

Here is my current setup:

The SDK board has all kinds of peripherals.  USB, SD Card, Serial, Audi, Ether, its a plethera of fun parts.  Unfortunately, (for me) most of the documentation is in Chinese.

Basically, you set the SD board up, plug in the Micro2440 and a serial connection.  Turn it on and login through the serial port.  

I used minicom 115,600-8-N-1 .. and, bada-bing - I'm logged in and configured networking.  There is telnet & ftp daemon for easy file transfer over the network.  It has all worked flawlessly so far.