Designed by
Adam, Gabriel & Greg

An inexpensive, multi-purpose, extensible robot designed to provide tight integration with MyRobotLab.  Simple and easy starting robot for the beginner, yet extensible to provide access to complex and advanced functionality in MyRobotLab, such as neural networks, speech recognition, finite state machines, and machine vision.  Can cradle a phone as a method to deploy a much more powerful bot.

by TDB


Component Matrix
Name Image Description Link Quantity Cost
Pololu 6.a Pro
Nice simple "cut-out" motor & battery mount
too expensive
not fully enclosed - ugly
Pololu 6.a 1 $25
Cool gripper design
Name Image Description Link Quantity Cost
Pololu GM7 Pro
Looks like a great little motor
Decent "cost"
Pololu GM7 2 X $10
Pager Motor + Worm Drive Pro
Potentially inexpensive if correctly integrated with enclosure
needs design, integration and more components & assembly
Electronic Goldmine

Worm gear

2 X (1 pager + 1 worm gear + glue?) ~ $4
Servo Motor

They are fairly cheap and have standard mounting holes. They are also muti-use (could be hacked to be dumb gearmotor or continuous rotation).
There is tons of existing hardware for them such as servo horns (to mount wheels on) and metal gears.
They must be manually hacked by either the user or by us.



Tower Hobbies

Any hobby store either online or brick and morter.

$12 Pololu - no mods necessary but expensive

2 X ~$13
Name Image Description Link Quantity Cost
NiCad   Pro
Work with common AA Batteries
LiPoly   Pro
Can be charged from computer USB with charging circuit

Maxim-recharging IC



Can be recharged from the USB with MAX1555 circuit
AA (900mAh) and AAA (600mAh) sizes available, making it easy to use with regular battery holders
Good for the electronics and a few small servos

bigger capacity needs custom battery holder

DealExtreme: AA


 1 for the electronics  ~$2.5
Name Image Description Link Quantity Cost
Pat Mccabe
SMT + 1A motor controler + breakout + integrated BT

Very compact
have initial design
needs further design to get the breakout + integrated BT

Pat  Mccabe Nano Bot 1 ???
OddBots Micro Magician   we could do without the accelerometer & usb - with of course the bt module..  The IR might have possiblities Micro Magician    
Arduweeny Pro
needs further design to get the breakout + integrated BT
no regulator
needs motor controller
SolarRobotics 1  
BBB - Bare Bones Board Pro
has a form of breakout which matches standard Arduino
Large in comparison to the other boards
needs motor controller
BBBKit 1 $17 - unassembled

PCB only - $4.50

RBBB - Really Bare Bones Board Con
Large in comparison to the other boards
needs motor controller
RBBBKit 1 $13 -
would be nice to have encoder slots - even if they are not used - future?
Name Image Description Link Quantity Cost
Tracks   Con
Pololu Track set   $12.95
Whees with encoders         ???
Name Image Description Link Quantity Cost
GoodLuckBuy Passive Works - tested on windows xp & Fedora
Although having problems with xp now :P
Seems robust - once bound have had no issues
here 1 $10.74
GoodLuckBuy SMT 3V? - could be good as an integrated component to a new free arduino board here 1 $6.77


Other Cost Considerations

Design, Manufacturing, Packaging, Shipping, Marketing, How to Order - PayPal overhead.  

Design #1


Design #2


Project Ideas

Cool Demos, Activities, or Preformances - add to marketing and further development

  • Voice control
  • Desk activities
  • Top Camera Swarm control (dance)
  • SLAM - room mapping
  • BiColored LED - for yes/no visual communication
  • modular plug in sensor accessories
  • modular plug in actuator accessories
Task List
Task Description Owner Estimated
Create Project Page  Assign correct permissions & verify subscription Greg   Completed
Android Software   Greg   Started
Bluetooth Module Testing Document range, robustness, and installation/setup complexities for bluetooth communication and pairing on multiple platforms (Linux, Windows, Mac, Android) Adam, Gabriel, Greg   Started
Finalize Circuitry Requirements
  • Arduino clone with usb port
  • Bluetooth module
  • 4 X AA - battery holder (in modular body) - 
  • MAXIM - usb recharger
  • My initial thought is not to have an integrated H-bridge & rely on continuous rotation servos.  I think motors can be controlled more accurately
 Rotational Servo vs Motor - (I believe rotational servo - with no additional circuitry - "stopping/centering" can be done in software
 If we use Lipo or Lithium ion batteries - is there a special Maxim chip to use ? And if so, I assume if the customer uses regular batteries and plugs it in "bad things" can happen - So if we are to use LiPoly batteries - There has to be an Danger warning not to use regular alkaline or nicad and plug it in to the usb ??
Adam, Gabriel, Greg   Started
Design Prototype Circuit        
Structual Sketchup Created        
Create Initial Bill of Materials   Adam, Gabriel, Greg    
Order Parts for Prototype   Adam, Gabriel, Greg    
Build Prototype   Adam, Gabriel, Greg    
Project Ideas Come up with and document what things you can do with a MyBot.  Videos and documentation then can be used in Marketing. Adam, Gabriel, Greg    
Software for MRL Easy Integration