MyRobotLab (MRL-15) now supports IP Cameras.  At least ones which return mjpeg video streams with Content-size set in the multi-part headers.

Currently I have only tested it on a FOSCAM FI8918W.  I should be able to test it on several other IP Camera types.  I would also like to get it streaming from a android phone, however, the current IP Server apps I have seen do not return content-size. 

Now that MRL accepts this video stream it can be processed with the OpenCV service.  This will allow the same pipeline processing which can be done with regular cameras. Below is an example of trying to segment the floor in the IP Camera video stream.  I am working on some algorithms which should allow SLAM from only a video stream reference.

This allows robots which don't have the brains of a computer to unload video processing through IP Cameras.
Like the bug toy.