Searching for an Image Searcher

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Ale has recently expressed an interest in the possiblities of identifying images with Google "search by image"

I believe we had talked about this before with the Cortex service, below was an attempt of a a process flow/state diagram

Raspberry Pi - first Pictures ----

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I have just received a Pi NOIR (Raspberry flavored) from the UK firm

Above is a picture taken using a 3Watt Infra Red LED in pitch darkness.

The fourth robot generation

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Only for people, who don't know it: I think we need an Robot of the fourth gernation.
In the software-area of programming languages, existing different gernations of programming languages:

1. generation: machine languge

2. generation: Assembler

3. generation: a higher programming languiage like C/C++, Java, etc.


And I think, something like that existing for robots, too. I don't know if anybody have written it down, so I do it now here. The generrations of robots:

Homemade Filastruder for my 3d printer...

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Update on July 2014:

At last I found some time to finish up and test my filastruder... Tested with recycled plastic pellets at PID values: 200 degrees C +-10 degrees... Managed to extrude 1,70mm usable filament at first test run... 

Youtube link of test run video: 

UltrasonicSensor - quicky

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Quick peek at some of the new UltrasonicSensor Service stuff ..
Use 1.0.31+
MRLComm.ino version is 15 (I think) - so you'll probably have to reload it.


InMoov Rob was partying

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