Legs for InMoov to 3D print

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Hello all,

Get your printers warmed UP!! The legs I had created a long time ago for InMoov are ready to download.

Remember this modele is only for standing, I'm still working on the motorized version.

MicrosoftLocalTTS Service


This text to speech synthesis use local Microsoft SAPI engine.
For information there is a little tool that do the magic in background ( tts\tts.exe ). This is transparent for you.

By default there is not a lot of voices, but you can add what you want inside your local system. Free or Paid SAPI voices ( mbrola / best-of-vox.com etc ... )

How to Unlock Mobile Text-To-Speech Voice in Windows 10 ( creator update , if you have corresponding language pack )

Download reg files : www.myai.cloud/mrl/mobile.windows10.zip



moveToBlocking() for scripting

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It is useful, to wait a finished moveTo() before to launch another. Without using a sleep(x) between 2 actions. because sleep() didn't take care of servo speed .
The magic will worky only if velocity > 0

There are several levels :

1 servo blocking event


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On the arduino nano, i have strange behavior with setVelocity.

I have a big difference between setVelocity(50) and setVelocity(-1)

setVelocity(50) is very slowly.

Is it normal ? 

Is this correct with old speed function ?

Walking Robots.

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The day when we can ask our robot to get us a beer and it walks to the fridge get the beer out and returns it to us out in the shed will be truly a great day.  There are some who say it can't be done, and those people will never achieve this ultimate goal, but as a community this goal is achievable and quite possibly before the end of next year.

Newbie Help

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I am trying to get the UltrasonicSensor working via MRL and keep getting a Null Exception when adding the RangeListener.  I've copied the various versions of code that I've seen.  Anyone has complete code that works?   


HtmlFilter Service


Htmlfilter is a service that can be used to either strip out text or wrap the input text in html tags. For example it can be used to filter away html code from ProgramAB before sending the text to a speech synthesis service.



chess game communication with mrl

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Hi, i'm looking for information or documentation regarding sending chess moves back and forth (from arduino to comuuter and vice versa) using the serial. Thank you

GoPro Service


A service to control your GoPro camera...


Your computer must be connected to your GoPro WiFi