Polycarbonate parts

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just printed polycarbonate PivGear from shoulder. No more broken gears

How do I zero my servos?

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Can anyone give me a script or tell me how to set my servo's to zero?




Tuna Tailed Goldfish hybrid .... 3D printed shell

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Latest Project..... 3D printed fish controlled by handmade solinoid coils.

Its 3 second goldfish brain is a Picaxe 08m2 , its driving a SN75541ONE H-bridge giving it  a four stroke action.. ...

..... swim fishy swin......

Wish list for algorythm

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Hi Guys,

I will be attenting a meetup in Paris with many people from all over, that are ready to work on algorithm projects.

Presenting MyRobotLab and  InMoov, is the occasion to recruit members on the project in various fields.

Igor Carron, the organizer of the meetup, proposed to launch a wish list of what could be great , necessary, futurist to progress with MyRobotLab and InMoov.

Lets not be worried about barriers, what could be achieved will be done. Just add your wish to the list:

Leap Motion 2 : getting fingers angle

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Webcam under linux

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Hi everybody ,

I've got a little problem : My webcams work under raspbian with guvcview, but not in MRL . I've tried few camera index in opencv tab and i've also tried to choose "file" with the link /dev/video1 .

I'm using raspbian weezy on a raspberry banana pi .

someone use webcam with MRL under linux ?

thx for your help

Python erros

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Hello, I have been playing wih MRL for two weeks now an I cannot get anything to work so I am hoping that someone can help me.

I am running on a windows machine with 12 GB of ram.

I am trying to run the inmove2.ear and mouth talk.py

Any script I run does not work. I know it has to be sonthing I am doing.

I sent a no-worky.

the error I get is 34534 [Thread-7] ERROR class org.myrobotlab.framework.Service  - Python error - ------Traceback (most recent call last):


Rolling your own Solenoid effectors.......

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Just a quick walkthrough on producing homebrew electromagnetic Solenoid effectors......

Wheeled platform for general purpose, in my case telepresence

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UPDATE 01.23.2015

UPDATE 11.19.2014

A dear friend of mine sent me these 12 DC motors as a gift :)

The motors are 12-24V with (6-12 rpm LOT OF TORQUE !)

A wheel with a diameter of 120 mm  would give a speed of 3.5 cm/s