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A pretty fun diversion (squirrel !), Listening to country music ... that seems to be most common in the lower frequency bands with a RTL-SDR 

Gareth turned me on to it. Linux install was pretty straight forward.  Digital packet over low band ... hmmmm.... slow but nice range

Using Mimicspeech on the Raspberry Pi

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Before we can use Mimic speech with MyRobotLab on the Raspberry Pi, we first need to install it.
The compiled executable is installed with MRL for windows, but not for the ARM based linux install used on the Raspberry Pi.

Leap Motion - Manticore no worky!?

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Hello gents! I was wondering if anyone has had any results on getting the Leap motion service up and working on the latest version of manticore? I am running via a PC incase that helps solve anything. I read that mac requires a little bit more set up to get leap motion working but not really sure. :9


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Hello to all!
I need to register the connection of the third Arduino in the configuration file. Who can tell you how to do this?

update system "install all" by proxy

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since unknown reason, my internet can not access github, i set up a v2ray VPN in my computer.

I tried to update sytem under "runtime" tab. by click "install all" 

but failed by saying 

Repo error unresolved depency:***

the MRL is 1.0.2693.

i guess myrobotlab java app does not access the internet by my VPN tunel 

anyone know how to access the "install all" by proxy?

InMoov talks to itself

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I'm building an InMoov and have a problem with MyRobotLab where it hears it's own voice and responds to it. For example:

Me: Say what is the time

Inmoov : What is the time

Inmoov : The time is 4:43pm

Inmoov: Is that a fact

It seems it does not consistently stop listening when talking. Any ideas?

TarsosDSP - Real Time Digital Signal Processing

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For years I have eye'd this library with the idea that it would be a great service for mrl.  Ray I believe is interested in creating an new mouth service for InMoov.  I think we are both thinking of the possiblity of monitoring the output line and generating events to move the mouth appropriately.

Telegram Bot (MRLbot experimentations)

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Experimentation's with a TelegramBot polling an ESP32.

These Bots can be found or created via the Telegram App Messaging service...

(in our case I have called it "MRLbot" )

MRLbot & ESP32 Marriage possibilities :-