Possible Parallax Platform for InMoov

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Steady stream of IR & Voltage from ADC Sensors on the new Square Bot Base

code for arduino mega myrobot lab.apk

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someone who can provide me the program for arduino mega


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can some one help me or how can i get MyRobotLab.apk Program


Pingdar Data

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Press Full Screen to watch.

This post is to examine the details of Pingdar.  

Legion Build

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Since I recently restarted the build, I will leave the sock picture :P but will post my new build, which is made with denser parts and merged parts.

Here is the zip of the merged files for those that want to partake:

ProgramAB , AIML and MRL Support for OOB tags.

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This page is Work in Progress


AIML supports OOB tags in the response from ProgramAB.

There is not a strict definition of what OOB tags are.  For more info take a look at 


OOB tags are usually something like   <search>foo</search>

I'm adding support in ProgramAB to support an OOB tag of  <mrl>...</mrl> 

The XML syntax for this is 

Joystick Logitech and servo problem

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A heartfelt thanks to Grog for MRL and a good morning to you all. 
I just installed and started trying MRL with the following configuration: 
1 Arduino Uno R3, 
Logitech Force 3D Pro Joystick 1,