Arduino Service


def foo(data):
  print data;




The Arduino service is used to communicate and control the very popular Arduino micro-controller. MyRobotLab runs on a computer and controls the Arduin hardware through a serial port.

Shoutbox now supports multiple xmpp clients

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Wanted to update all you MRL'ians to a few changes on the site...

First is the shoutbox was replaced by a running instance of MyRobotLab - WOOHOO!

Crius all in one flight controller

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I am building a quadcopter 450 flamewheel with a Crius all in one Pro V2 flight controller, and going to use it with GPS and related for autonomous flight and video.

i am using MegapirateNG and arducopter mission planner, and all works fine! Now i need to hook up the esc's to the board (an arduino mega 2560 converted board) and hook up the reciever and transmitter.

there comes the trouble. Allthough there is enough info, i am in doubt to how to connect the cables.

MPU6050 to borg... I2C on Arduino

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Here is my test with the MPU6050 sensor with Arduino.

I'm using the I2Cdev library by jrowberg which is divided in 2 parts :

1) the "general" I2C communication part

2) the customized part for each sensor

To make it worky i had to "install" manually the libraries in the ArduinoIDE

References :

I'm HUGE ! FullScreen CanvasFrame from JavaCV

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Or at least fully expanded .. dunno the details on what exactly fullscreen is .. but this is 1920 X 1020 (shrunken down to fit on blog post)

There be hardware accelerations in some of these thingies too ! :)

Will need some time for the elves to hammer it in correctly...

And so it begins ... my ongoing InMoov build log.

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Update 2014-09-12 

Cleft Lip BE GONE!!!  After a 6.5 hour print and some "plastic surgery" InMoov's cleft lip has been removed and the color match from his eyes to his chin has been fixed. My OCD is happier now.

Start problems with Linux Mint

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Hallo @ all
Who MRL run on Linux Mint. Can anyone give me some tips so go the runs it. Have problems with the connection to the board