finger sensors

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Hello all,


im trying to figure how to make the MRL interpretate my finger sensores!


im using the latest stable version 1.0.1412, foam sensors.

Basically im wondering if there is any script i can be based on to implement on a script how to read the presure to stop a moovement or to activate a finction for a certain pressure etc!!


pls help :)

MRLClub and New Standards

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First Rule of MRLClub is everyone has an opinion and ideas, and you will treat each other with respect and kindness - even if you totally disagree....  its an easy first rule...

I'm always learning things in MRLClub.  Recently, I've learned how 5 people can successfully work together simultaneously on a piece of code ..  Whoa !   Very cool.

Here is my MRLClub log :

How many volts do i need to power 5 servos?

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How many volts do i need to power 5 servos? I am currently using a batty pack that holds 4 AAs and the none of the servos move. I am pretty sure its because im not using enough voltage. One servo movedperfectly with that one battery pack, but when i hooked up 5 none of the servos moved. DO i need a nine volt battery insteadm or more?

Servo Alt

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Guys I need some help-I am close to getting the bicep printed and looking online for a Hitec HS-805BB is not available for months.  

MRL doesn't talk

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I tryed to control a finger starter of inmoov robot by control voice but mrl doesn't talk,  listen my voice only.
this is the problem:
111393 [i01.ear] INFO  org.myrobotlab.service.Sphinx  - I'm not talking so I'm listening
How can I do, please?

How can i use leap motionto move servos

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How can i use leap motion with the servos so i can make the servos move with my hand gestures like the original project on the inmoov website.

servo trouble with mrl

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I am trying to build the inmoov hand and when trying to use the servos to make gestures they would not move. I have looked at all the videos of how to set up and connect an arduino to MRL but nothing would work this is the servo set up i am using. I did take all the wires that are attached to pwm and attach them to Analog.

Voice Command Example

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Recently started with MRL and found that the script was wrong.

I am hoping someone can give me a script to show how Voice Commands are used?

I also have a Kinect and would like some help getting it to work and know its limitations.  Any help?