Coming Soon: the Google Assistant Service

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This is a preliminary test of the upcoming Google Assistant service, created using mrlpy.

This service is most definitely NOT FINISHED! There are many bugs in the current implementation. The code is on a fork at my github page, with a pull request in progress to merge into the develop branch.

moveToBlocking() for scripting

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added [servo].moveToBlocking() as testing.

It is useful, to wait a finished moveTo() before to launch another. Without using a sleep(x) because sleep() didn't take care of servo speed.

Plantoids are Live on Kickstarter.

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Sorry for the shameless plug, my friends, but if I could ever ask for your aid, it is now. 

Handy little app for Pi afficionados.

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I have found this little app from Adafruit to be really handy when I want to ssh into a Raspberry Pi but can't remember the I.P.  Works on most OSs.

This can be annoying when you have a bunch of them as a few of us do. 

Just click on 'Find my Pi' and it will come up with the I.P. for the near-by Pi.  

Use ethernet if it doesn't already have wifi up. 

status of openCV

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Hi Grog

Just saw in the shoutbox that you are working on distributed computing now.

Do we have a status of openCV?

At least the swing gui in version 2398 does not work for me,. Looks like a problem with window sizing as I can not get to the filter list on the screen.

Installing MRL on a Raspberry Pi 3 for NOOB's

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New Out Of Box (NOOB) is a term used for very new beginners.
We have all been there, and with the alittle help, we learn all the time.
This set of instruction is for the new user with very little or no experience with the Raspberry Pi.
Most seasoned experimenters/developers will find these instruction too simple and goes into detail they do not need.

Pi-Arduino Integration question

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On the subject of Raspberry Pis - for whoever knows about this:

I use two Megas to run my inMoov with MRL and (generally) Windows.  I am adding some wheels to the base and am considering throwing one of my pi family in there just to run the wheels, rather than use an Arduino Nano or similar.  I might even put a pi-zero in the head for some duties. 

BUT- it now occurs to me that, even though we have a Raspberry Pi service in MRL, the pi is a computer not a micro-controller. 

Setting up I2S Microphones on the Raspberry Pi 3 for NOOB's

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If you are using the Raspberry Pi 3, one of the option is to use I2S (Inter-IC Sound) Micropones
This is diferent to I2C which  is for the control of devices and will be covered at a later date.
If you haven't already i suggest reading the Installing MRL on a Raspberry Pi3 for NOOB's

Problem with Tracking Service

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I have a problem with tracking service in MRL. I uploaded the last available pyton script (.txt attached below), but i have errors like this:

Traceback(most recent call last): File string line 16 in ModuleAttributeError: org.myrobotlab.service.Servo object hs no attribute as setPin....

Someone can explain me how to proceed or can provide me with an updated pyton script?


deprecated speed settings

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Realizing how many script lines we have that use set<xx>Speed I thought of a workaround for the deprecated speed setting.

I am replacing all "i01.set<xx>Speed(...) in all py files with a call to set<xx>Speed() function.

I have added gesture files named set<xx>Speed for the parts that look like this:

def setArmSpeed(side, b, r, s, o):
  i01.setArmVelocity(side, b*15, r*15, s*15, o*15)

where 15 is the maxVelocity of the sub parts.