i want to get my kinect working

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i have the kinect working in the chest of Robyn Inmoov.

and i have the skeleton working in i01.OpenNi.

it's writing data to Java window in the python tab.

but i have no reaction in the servos.

Can someone help me how this should be done step by step

Can't take it anymore

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I haven't been on the site to much lately, I must have missed something, so I gotta ask -



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hello every body

i am looking for a poeple can help me for calibration my delta printer

my hotbed is not plane

please help me


InMoov hand help

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So currently i have been able to program my arduino on its own using the Arduin IDE program but i would like to be able to set it so i can slow down the speeds of the servo and make a more complex code so my inmoov hand can run through a series of commands on its own and change positions

i have attached the file i have written in the arduino IDE

New Vision System Needs To Be Assimilated !!!

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Google's latest object recognition tech can spot everything in your living room

Simulator - LogicBots

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Slick Simulator on Steam