MPEG 4 / H.264

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Progress with H.264

H.264 is a codec - which is important for sending larges amounts of data (like audio & video) over the network.  Telerobotics would benefit from H.264.

For maximum confusion there are a variety of acronyms which all mean the same thing.
Here are 3 which mean exactly the same thing.

MPEG 4 Part 10 = H.264 = AVC

We want the webgui capable of working like skype - with more options :)
In order to do that we first try to get our webgui to return some necessary HTTP header info regarding our file


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We heard the news through the intertoobs - We have meager provisions, but you are all welcome !


Oculus DK1, DK2 and Direct Mode support for SDK 0.7+

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An Agent has been detected in the matrix!

An Agent of the Matrix in the Rift

So, as it turns out the Oculus Rift latest SDK and Runtime no longer supports using "extended model" with the Oculus Rift.  Which means we need to update our support for it.  I have started working with LWJGL and some examples.  Above you can see a virtual screen rendered in front of the user in the oculus rift. 

serial communication between arduino ide and MRL

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i am testing to send a simple script from the arduino to start serial communication.

on the arduino

PCB design, Assembly and manufacturing

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Whizz Systems understands the connectivity and SI challenges in very high speed designs, from die pads, to packaging, to interconnect on the PCB design, Assembly and manufacturing. We have the SI and design expertise, and tools in place to approach the entire interconnect as a system, and produce very high quality cutting edge designs.

I can't see webcam image in raspberry

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I can't see webcam image in raspberry with opencv service of Mrl. 1.0.119

if I recognized in dmesg:

WebGUI Framework Additions

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Cool ! - Running a Python script - watching the IK3D Render with Logging statements scrolling by ! 
On the online demo ! -


please help with service audiofile

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I get sound in raspi if force audio jack with omxplayer -o -local test.mp3 but not sounds with service of mrl audiofile and this script:

audiofile = Runtime.createAndStart("audiofile","AudioFile")



The QA Countdown to Release

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Here is a list of the current services in MRL so we can figure out what to QA.

Links :

How to hook up the PC to the Arduino?

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I have looked through everything I can find on the web, so this must be really easy to do but, I must ask anyway; does MRL use the USB port of the pc to talk to the usb port on the arduino to control to the board; or is a ftdi cable needed to talk to the tx/rx pins of the Arduino.

Is there a wiring diaagram that shows this?

It odd that I could not find a simple statement of this...but I am old!!!!