Robyn make a short presentation in 78125 different ways

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Failed to load latest version of MRL

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Okay, I'll admit I'm frustrated.   Last week, I had trouble getting my Inmoov servos running from Myrobotlab (but I could attach as usual with a simple Arduino sketch), so I decided to start from scratch.  

I wiped out the entire mrl directory, downloaded the latest version of Java (8.73) and downloaded the latest version of MRL to the mrl directory.   

However, when I try to start it, I get a null pointer exception and MRL crashes.   

I've attached the log file and it doesn't appear to get very far...

Inverse Kinematics update...

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Here's an update on my progress with the InMoov arm Inverse Kinematics.




InMoov Nervo Board update

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I've been re-wiring my InMoov(s) here with the Nervo board from Gael.  Here's a couple photos that are showing some of the progress.  I've been very happy with how easy they were to assemble, and the make the wiring much cleaner that what I had before.


Translate with Microsoft Translator in Python - AzureTranslate

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While I try to create a new service I create a small script in Python to translate with Microsoft Translator. 

To use this you have to connect to this website and choose your preferred plan. The first 2.000.000 characters are free. After you register an app you'll receive a Client ID and a Client Secret to replace in code.

How to create a new service?

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Hi, I want create a new service but I've a little experiense both with Java and with Eclipse.

I do this post also for other member that they want create a service.

I install Eclipse and I clone git myrobotlab ( and repo (

After I import both on Project Explorer:

As do I continue? Thanks in advance

How to import json and requests libraries?

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I want to import two libraries, normally in Python the line of code are:

Problem of build ...

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Hi ,

I've a little problem, when i build the dist or jar, the build is successful, but  the new service WikiDataFetcher is not installed , must i add it somewhere ?

And another little thing, the version is1.0$(envTRAVIS_BUILD_NUMBER) , Normal ?

all is ok under eclipse (F11)



WikiDataFetcher !

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Hi everybody,

We have a new service : WikiDataFetcher . This service grab data from wikis website ( for now wikidata )

It's still work in progress, but there is already few functions ( getDescription(), getTime(), getUrl(), etc .. )

wikidata store data by entities with an ID , by exemple, Adam Sandler have the ID Q132952 .

each entity contain several elements :

Ubuntu and Arduino

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I am starting a new thread here that takes over from a previous thread that nolonger matches it's title.

I had lot's of trouble getting my Arduino to work on Win7-64 so I have installed it under Ubuntu 12.0.4 and I am still having trouble. The old thread is here:

Basically I can program the Arduindo OK, but MRL cannont communicate with it - has anyone else got this working?