Android and Bluetooth 4.0 Fun ! Building the bridges to MRL !

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UPDATE 11.24.2015

Data from Myo is being received in MyRobotLab !!! Myo is connected to Phone, which send the data wireless to myrobotlab on my mac ( in the future on my raspberry pi 2 !)

Hey guys... what we are trying to do is to collect all the data from sensors on Android, writing an app which uses MRL-client.jar library....

What we did so far is this :

Modifying services

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I followed the uick start tutorial and downloaded eclipse and the code and repo from Github. Which all went smoothly. I tried running the base runtime from Eclipse using F11 which worked.

Next I tried to modify the ProgramAB service to add a couple of public functions 

Specch->ProgramAB->InMoov Mouth

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I'm sure I'm missing something simple, but I've linked ProgramAB to Maryspeech to build a personality for my InMoov. Once this was working I've started to fill out my Python script to start up the servos etc. Thanks to KWatters excellent work with OOB tabs I've got various phrases in ProgramAB to call Python functions. Where I am stuck is that the responses generated by ProgramAB are passed directly to Speech so the InMoov mouth doesn't move. I'm not sure if I'm missing something simple to do this.

Document connector and processing framework

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Connector and Document Processing Pipeline Framework

Document Processing Pipeline Model


So, my work work is really around building custom search engines.  I am constantly re-inventing the wheel of creating a framework that can crawl a data source (such as a website , rss feed, file system, database.. etc)

DC Servo Motor test

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First test using a DC Servo Motor.

It has a built-in encoder and drive. Need to find out how to read the encoder.

Using left/right keyboard buttons to move the motor.


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Just got myself a Cenovo to hook up my InMoov to.

I was going to go the Raspi route, but when the price of a Pi kit worked out the same as this. It arrived this week and so far I'm impressed. Space is limited so I've hooked it up to a usb harddrive to store all the MRL stuff. 2 days in it decided it was time to update to Windows 10 which went flawless.

Myo Refactored

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MyoThalmic Service

Alessandruino has been making progress on the Myo.  He cleverly decided to hook up the Myo through bluetooth to attach to his Android phone.  

This turns his phone into a Wifi router and sends the Myo data across the intertoobs to a running MRL instance.  He was having some troubles sending the data successfully.  We want fast & stable !

Android - Looky My Phone Position

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Android phone with Motion Sensor (and other Sensors)  sends its data to the demo 

speed setting slider in servo slider

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Hi all,

Any possibility to add a slider to set the speed the servo will move when you set the servo movement with the slider in the servo service. ..?

Thanks in advance