audio signal sync not work

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Hi Inmoov core team,

I update the latest build from myrobotlab. and want to use audio sync with mp3.

I change the following code true in " skeleton_head.config "

;this is optional direct mouthcontrol
;analog pin range are 14-18 on uno, 54-70 on mega

but it will not work anyway and also if we on this tab it will stop mouth servo working .

how do I use rest api in MRL?

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I am trying to use the rest api to move servos or have the robot say something.

Found some examples but failing now to make it work.

e.g. having a tab in MRL named "i01.leftArm.bicep" what url will move it to 20 degrees?

tried things like this:

but get:
IOException, invalid api: services

Leap Motion

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Can please somebody help me? Im a completly new guy at this and i cant get the leap motion sensor to work, no matter what. and yes i try with the example code

Release the Manticore !

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Manticore Release


What an Amazing Effort !  77+ Issues closed, auto-elf testing,  new helpful Service Scripts !, new helpful Service Pages, and even some new features !  Some really impressive Mopping !

Thanks to everyone for their great work !

Setting servo speed in Arduino and Python

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I have always just used my servos at the servo's full speed. 

This is a problem when setting servos if something goes wrong. No reaction time before breakages occur. 

Q1) For stand-alone Arduino - Is there a line of code I can add after "servotest.write(90);" to lower the speed of servo movement even to a quarter or a half of normal speed or is this too simple?  I have been using the delay() command but I gather that doesn't affect the speed of movement only the delay between movements. 

AIY Vision Kit and Mozilla DeepSpeech

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Hey everyone!

Just browsing through the MagPi magazine and I found this.

InMoov Service


InMoov service V1

- Presentation

- Full program setup howto





Virtual Inmoov fingers doesnt move

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i can make the davinci and move every other part of the body but the fingers, this happens in both hands, the wrist is okay though. i also try to move the fingers with the sliders and still nothing

Diy servo driver (microcontroller)

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Thanks to help of Ray Edgley I publish the 14A continuous (30A peak) analog and digital motor driver. Project is designed mostly for myrobotlab users but it may be used by other peoples. Driver can not be produced and selled