Kalman filter ?

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If you build a moving robot, it can have several inputs that measures position, speed or acceleration. Together they can give an accurate prediction of where the robot is, and where it will be in the near future. The difficult thing is to know what reading is the best. Do I have an accurate position ? Is the speed sensor showing the correct speed. Is my accelerometer accurate ? A Kalman filter handles combining several inputs and keeps track of how much you can trust each sensor. 


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Hi (kwatters maybe?)

Tried to find a web based IDE and found Codenvy. Pointed it to the program_ab github repository and tried to run it. First got an "unknown config notice" and when trying to run it it complains about 

programab_unpack/package.json: no such file or directory

Could somebody point me to (or create) a howto?

Having a web based IDE would greatly help me as I work with different machines all the time and can not always connect to my main PC.

Regards, Juerg

The way you talk your talk

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As I am getting the Speech Services working again, its a good time to refactor.  And I noticed, currently, there are 3 very different ways which speech can process.  SpeakQueue is the most "natural"  and should probably be renamed to speak, and our speak is more like speakMulti ...  speakBlocking was the only one named appropriately.

The QA Countdown to Release

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Here is a list of the current services in MRL so we can figure out what to QA.

Links :

Supported Services should have the following check boxes

My modified InMoov head

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Modified InMoov head It now contains 5 servos, a Raspberry PI, an Arduino Uno, a USB soundcard, a sound amplifier and a speaker.It will also contain one Raspberry PI Camera in one of the eyes. Work in progress :-)

On "coming back" to MRL. . .

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I made a couple posts earlier today and managed to get GroG's attention, and a hearty "welcome back."  He also asked if I had a specific goal or reason for my Processing request.  I'm going to try to answer that here.

Oscilloscope Mouth

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Hi everyone,            I am asking for advice from the community in my attemmpt to create an oscilloscope mouth for the inmoov robot. I am working on a redesign of the inmoov face which makes its far less humanlike and more bender form futurama and "general grevious like" for lack of a better terms I would like to use a far smaller lcd board, but I am using a 4.9 inch by 3 inch by .3 inch hdmi compatable lcd board. I plan on having the mouth scope any audio response the robot makes from myrobotlab.

Question about "Processing"

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So uh, about a year ago I took an introductory programming course in the Processing programming language.  I'd experimented a bit with Processing in the past with Simple Open NI, and found it a bit easier to pick up than Python--probably because of how quick and easy it is to get interesting results with just a few lines of code.  One of my class projects was a Ping/Arduino/RasPi radar scanner and display. One of my classmates experimented with face detection in OpenCV.

One of the things I learned about Processing was that its core is Java.

MRL No sound from speech.py script

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MRL No sound from speech.py script. The files are created in the audioFile directory but are 3kb and do not play.

Any Ideas?


If I copy the URL from the JAVA log and paste it into IE, I get audio. It seems to me the audio files are corrupt. I have tried deleting the files and letting the script recreate them but get same result.

Stopping MRL

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Excuse me while I figure out how to post...

Trying to learn MRL, I have services running and am able to move servos, but having a hard time getting the limits inside the module scripts to save. Looks like I have to release each service separately in order to save?

What is the proper way to exit MRL and save?