Robyn is singing again!

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Time markers were made by running the "I'm a Little Teapot" mp3 first with the script below.  Then gestures and mouth could be synchronized.




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Update above ... now added stand with intergrated LED indicators and personalised twiddle knobs.

Well I needed some form of control panel..... that I could use on multiple rigs... with a little bit of flexibility.

Top rated 3D printer in five categories

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I only want to mention, that a community of 3D printer users have tested 235 different 3D printer and rated them in five different categories (enthusiast, plug'n'play, kit/diy, budget and resin) :


Using AIML for creating gestures

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Since more than a week I am working on a script to create gestures by talking or typing using AIML.

Serial for Azul

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Virtual InMoov REPRESENTS !

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Need more Servos !!!  I can code them, but I got to figure out how actuators work in Blender...

Cool Legs

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Mastablasta linked this project - very cool legs


Toolbox with legs !

varspeedservo library

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Hello, my name is kaled Alejandro Souky Ortiz. I decided to contact you because i could tell you have a strong knowledge of Arduino DUE, and i have been experience some trouble using it. I wonder if you are capable of adapting the "varspeedservo" library to the Arduino DUE board. I tried doing it through AVR studio by using the newly updates of AT91SAM3X8E micro controller. I took as reference the servo’s library for Arduino IDE beta 1.5.8, but had no luck.