Next version 'Nixie' is coming soon !

Help us to get ready with MyRobotLab version Nixie: try it !

MyRobotLab (MRL-15) now supports IP Cameras.  At least ones which return mjpeg video streams with Content-size set in the multi-part headers.

with the latest binaries and a a simple :

 chumby:/mnt/usb-E0FD-1813/myrobotlab-0014# /mnt/usb/java/ejre1.6.0_25/bin/java - classpath ":myrobotlab.jar:./lib/*" -Djava.library.path=./bin org.myrobotlab.ser vice.Invoker -service Jython jython RemoteAdapter remote -logToConsole -logLevel  DEBUG

I started a Jython & RemoteAdapter service without a gui on the Chumby in debug mode with logging to the console.
Without a GUI you say ?!?   Yes..  Because we'll use a MRL instance on the windows box and connect.


I have been in contact with several members from Magabot.  I will be creating a Magabot service and some example Python scripts for some fun capability testing.

Object segmentation with kinect depth map

Here is some streaming video being masked by the depth image of the kinect.
I use OpenCV's inRangeS to find a range to create a mask from the depth image, then cvCopy to copy it over the video image.

So my idea is to be able to input my move in 1 player chess mode of my chess robot via my iPad. This will be done using the Touch OSC app

I have made an app using their program. It is basically a chess board layout of buttons.