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   I am working on some demonstration scripts for my InMoov robotic hand.  Having not had good success with voice input I wanted to create a simple python script that would call some movement routines.

When I tried the standard: python raw_input('Enter Command: ')   approach

I get the following:

File "<string>", line 2, in <module>

I finally took the time to finish making the Wall Lamp from the Red Bull 2013 Creation Contest.


iam having HC-05 bluetooth module, arduion, bluetooth dongle, chasis with dc motors and driver, and a dc supply. now i want to tarck my robot from the camera placed in the celining of the room. as we discussed in the shout box first the robot need to be mapped.

Javadoc link

Attempts to find humans through OpenCV facedetect. Utilizes a pan / tilt kit and LKOptical track points to track human after detection.



So far you have to use Eclipse and change the file in the service directory to set your Arduino pin and com port settings, etc. Then start it like you would any other MRL Service.

I bought a couple relay modules for the Arduino to Borg together more of my house.  The first objective will be for the Incubator to drive the sprinklers with the Cron and Arduino service.  Also, I'll be looking into a web interface so my wife can manually override the sprinkler system.