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Tell me, please, how to set up a translator?

I found categories helpful in the past to organize services.  Potentially the services could be categorized under the interfaces they support.  Currently, the definitions are a bit of a mess - but since this was viewable in the SwingGui (which is dead to me) I've made them visible in the WebGui (yay). 

Kwatters and others have seen a bad Servo Palsy problem in recent releases.
This post is to document the details and get to the bottom of it

What is it ? :

Hello,  its been awhile since I been tinkering with MRL. So this might be an easy quesion.

How can I insert some new questions with answers to ask MRL.

Example.  Where do you work ?  Answer: In an Office.

is it a matter of editing an individual file ? Or can I do this via voice commands. 


Ahoy !
This is the current dependency references in ProgramAB service
    meta.addDependency("program-ab", "program-ab-data", "1.1", "zip");
    meta.addDependency("program-ab", "program-ab-kw", "");
@kwatters you said the initial service is supposed to support only english and Japanese

InMoov2 hand UI

Working on the Sensor hand UI almost done. Note it is with the new hand I recently designed.


After UI change, and 
java -jar myrobotlab.jar --install-dependency fr.inmoov inmoov2 latest zip
and restart I get

Goodtimes !


hi, my friends

why the newest  version of Manticore  the change language don't work?

the change in

" _InMoov.config"






don't work!!

don't like the Lucia voice in the MarySpeech