Next version 'Nixie' is coming soon !

Help us to get ready with MyRobotLab version Nixie: try it !

Just wanted to say hello, and share the MRL TechNotes that I've been assembling.  I have not updated the ProgramAB section yet, as Kevin mentioned, although I did add some documentation on the OpenCV and filter process.  Thanks all, and stay the course!


Some interesting effects.
I see all tab contents are created as I suspected - and clicking on a tab just makes it visible.  
If I change one boolean value - they "all" are visible.  Probably not the most useful, but I'm exploring what options there are.


Turns out you can have the little undocked views and tab view at the same time

Quick check to see if Nixie OpenCV DL4J filter is still worky  - appears so..
This is being displayed from the CavasFrame which comes from JavaCV.
My intention is to have the webgui filters worky so the CavasFrame is available locally, and remote the jpeg streamer should suffice.

There's an issue where the display needs to be resized initially to start the stream .. but I have a feeling this can be fixed quickly

I just installed manticore on a Raspi PI3 and I just configured it. I wanted to test with the audioplayer function but nothing comes out

here's the log file line

How to install myrobotlab 1.0.95 ?

Tell me, please, how to set up a translator?