Getting started with myrobotlab - Having problems? Ask the nice people here.

Hello All, 

I'm trying out Nixie and I have questions. 

1. I'm running Nixie MRL in Ubuntu 18.04,  do I have to type in "java -jar myrobotlab.jar" to launch MRL every single time?   I find that I have saved configs but everytime I launch it in the above way.....the configs are being reset and I have to set it again and again...., is there something I'm doing wrong to relaunch MRL? 

When i install in the latest version of MyRobotLab and other versions (current
If I try to connect Arduino uno clone, the program closes. It even turns off when selecting port. That's why I can't do anything. Can you help me where I went wrong?

I currently have 1.1.518 installed

I see 1.1.523 is now the latest version.

I download and get a myrobotlab.jar

To install do I just paste the file into my directory (C:/MRL) over-writing the previous jar file and run it?

 It has been a few days since I fired up MyRobotLab and it shows I'm at version 1.1.518. The latest build shows 1.1.523? I thought I read where MRL would auto update, is that correct?

For all those who have the problem under Win10, the Manticore breaks off as soon as the Arduinos are addressed, try OpenJDK 8
I bought an AcePC AK1 to control Inmoov with a pre-installed WIN10 Pro. 
After installing the required Java version from Oracle, MRL broke off every time the Arduinos were addressed. 
After a long back and forth I installed OpenJDK 8 and since then MRL Manticore has been running without problems.

I have added gears and an AS5600 rotary encoder to one of my InMoov shoulders. For shoulder moves I am applying incrementing positions every 20 ms to my shoulder servo. When requesting shoulder positions I record the requested position and the measured position for each of the 20 ms steps.
I would like to use the measured position vs. the requested position to detect a blocking of the shoulder move.

Got the same problem with speech recognition as mentioned in another topic. Mic status is always changing between ready and not ready. After a few seconds MRL shows an error: Too many events.

I would like to go around speech recognition and control my robot with written commands. How I can do this?


I am new to myrobotlab and the forum. My first question is how and where can I search for topics in the forum? There is no field to enter a subject I am looking for.


downloaded and installed latest version 1.1.497

changed "service_5_Mouth.config" :


     VoiceName=Pavel    //  also tried    VoiceName=0    VoiceName="Microsoft Pavel - Russian (Russia)"

BUT recieved error:

15:01:46.555 [python] ERROR c.m.f.Service [] i01.mouth error could not set voice Pavel - valid voices are