Speech recognition with chromium does not work

Got the same problem with speech recognition as mentioned in another topic. Mic status is always changing between ready and not ready. After a few seconds MRL shows an error: Too many events.

I would like to go around speech recognition and control my robot with written commands. How I can do this?

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Do you have more than one tab

Do you have more than one tab open ?

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No. I use chromium only for

No. I use chromium only for the webgui of MRL. My standard browser is firefox I know that chromium should be standard but chromium can not configured as standard. So I entered the address to the webgui by hand.

It's all too complicated and not the first aim I'd like to handle with. I want to test my robot functions, and this best with written commands.

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You can use Python to test,

You can use Python to test, but exactly what do you want to test ?

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I'd like to enter gestures

I'd like to enter gestures like "openhand" or "raisefinger" which in my opinion exist as python script. What I need to know is how I can start these gesture scripts.

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What version of myrobotlab

What version of myrobotlab are you using?

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As a first try I installed

As a first try I installed manticore. Now I installed in a separate folder nixie with inmoov2, just to see if things go better.

With manticore I get the discribed situation where the speech recognition is not working.

In nixie I get a webgui frame with a side panel with the services, and for same services, etc. a finger, the graphic of the servo adjustment is shown. But I cannot see any reaction for speech commands.

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Hello, You can send each


You can send each gesture as a written command via the python UI.

The list of available python gestures is in the directory InMoov/gestures for Manticore and for Nixie in resource/InMoov2/gestures

Take the def within the script and execute it in the python UI.

For example with the gesture handsclose.py

def handsclose():

You would execute in python UI:


If you use the InMoov2 UI in Nixie, you can also execute all the gesture via this option which contains a drop down list with all available gestures.

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Thank you Gael for the

Thank you Gael for the interesting information. I tried to enter the command in the untitled.py and then execute it with the according button. I always get a traceback that the method is not defined in python core. This is manticore. Nixie I did not try it yet.

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Hello, This means the


This means the gestures are not properly loaded when you launch the START_INMOOV.bat.

Have you been able to test the servos via the slider's Gui? Does it move?

Maybe you should try to re-install a fresh version again, maybe something didn't install correctly.

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Thank you for your response.

Thank you for your response. I did a reinstall already serveral times. I have the myrobot.log from directly after the install and the log from after configuring the rigtht sight and starting the gesture python script at hand. Is there a possibility to attach or upoad the files, or can I extract details? What would be the search condition?

The start_inmmov.sh has to modified after install, because there are wrong line endings for linux shell. I did this with a text editor, which can switch from windows line ends to linux.

The slider gui works correctly. It does move my finger starter. Only the gesture script makes problems.


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The gesture is now doing what

The gesture is now doing what I want. I found my mistake. Thank you for support.