using memory to begin AI

Hey Grog, I've been away on work and havent had a lot of time to finish printing my robot, but I had a really cool idea today.  I have been planning on giving legion(my inmoov) a 256GB SSD, to accompany the computer I'm using.  I know as of today, the MRL suite is only about 400MB, but I was curious if you know of a way to get MRL "learning".  I was thinking of starting with something like a CSV or tab separated chart that listed things like name, alias, birthday, favorite food, common interest, hobbies, etc.  I could then populate the board with 3-5 people and have legion "learn" everyone else.  What do you think of this, do you think we can?  after simple text, it would be cool to add photos, maybe video, or even voice recognition of these "friends".



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I'm curious on what this form

I'm curious on what this form of learning .. learns?  People, hmm very interesting..  So  you fill in people information.. and if InMoov recognizes someone & if the CSV has his name as "Bob" and in the csv "favorite team = Bears" .. then InMoov can say "Hey, Bob..  how about those bears" - then look up the Bears latest scores on the internet ;)

Ya.. sure .. sounds good. :)

There's a service in MRL called the Cortex .. it has the ability to build a associative tree in memory.. What I wanted it to do first was to collect visual data around it - segmented pictures in OpenCV - then it would "try" to recognize things in its environment.. when the threshold was "too low" and it was not sure about something currently around it - it would submit the image to the web, email, or verbally ask .. what is this ? and show a picture..  Someone online, or in the room could reply or submit a page, or email.. saying "It is a bottle of beer" or whatever they identified..

The data would build a larger and larger tree which would be available online for other robots to share.. so that the "bottle of beer" would not necessarily need to be re-learned.

Here are some of the semi-relevant posts :

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Thanks for the quick response, I will say I was remotivated to  dig deeper thanks to my United flight DirecTV, I finally saw the movie "Her".  using openCV is going to be a must in my mind, and I'm trying to think of a way to either make legion wifi enabled, or maybe even 4G/LTE, hell maybe both.  I'll take a look at those links and post back any new ideas I get.  Also, great work and applause to you and Gael on getting the waist knocked out!