problem with voice control with inmoov.- SOLVED

Hi all,


Im kinda new here but im building the inmoov.

im trying to get the voice commands to work with inmoov.

i copy and paste the script from the site but he doesnt "hear" me i think.

when move the servo's manually thats no problem.

When i use the example robotlab script for pin 13 to turn him on or off.

That works perfect to my voice commands.

but when i use the inmoov script noting happens.

maybe someone can help me please? 


thank you all

gr Leon.

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Hi Leon. From Holland? Are

Hi Leon.

From Holland?

Are you using the version 1695 with the inmoov script from the inmoov service page?

If not, it will not work properly at the moment , the recent versions of MRL can not work with the previous scripts like and And the new script of inmoov2.0 don't contain voice control commands yet, beside

Hope this helps

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hi hairygael

Yes so im from the windy holland :)


i dubble checked it. i use 1695 and the good script.

everything works except the voice.

i did make a printscreen maybe you see the mistake i make.


it drive me crazy lol..and that at cristmas.  besides a good cristmas to all!!!!!

greets Leon

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Welcome spaan14 !

Try sending us a "no-worky" - this will send us a log file which hopefully will help discover the issue.

To send a no-worky .. try the script, and try using the voice - then when it doesn't work - press the no-worky button.

Here are details instructions :

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Hallo Leon,

Sorry Guys.


For this time I will write in Dutch!


Ik heb hetzelfde probleem Leon, wat was jou oplossing?

Alles werkt behalve de voice control,




Rick (Aalten, Nederland)

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Hello Spaan14. I have a

Hello Spaan14.

I have a couple of suggestions after looking at your no-worky you posted.

1. You only have to load MRLComm.ino once on the Arduino(s) you are using for InMoov.  Once loaded - you do not need to load them again, unless you load some other Arduino program like "Blink"

2. If you do upload to your Arduino, it's usually best to restart MRL - there are problems around the RXTXLib which Arduino IDE and MRL both use to communication to the serial port.

3.  It doesnt look like from the no-worky you sent me that the InMoov full script was executed.  It looks like you manually start Sphinx.  You need Python or some other means to load Sphinx with the words you want recognized and the actions you want preformed.

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step by step

hi Grog,


i did all above.

But i dont handstart sphinx. how do i put the words in to sphinx?

i just keep getting a python error at the bottom.

still wondering why my script isnnt fully executed.

i need a good mrl education lol.

i did send you a new no worky with the fingerstarter file maybe that will help 

(WOOPSSS sorry dont look at the latest noworky..i started the wrong version for this one..its getting late here lol sorry)

thanks so far. :) :) :) :)


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found the problem.

Hi Grog,

i just found the problem. lol

in the fingerstarter script its missing the last line :  ear.startListening()

stupid of me that i missed that..

So now its all worky worky. me happy :p

thanks for your time.

Greetz Leon.



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Great news !

Great news !

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Not working

Hi Grog and Gael,


I've tried many times to repeat this same process and still no luck.

Where can I find the noworky button?  :( 

Its only for the hand that I am doing it for now and the thing is it doesnt hear me or move manualy, the servos move only when I plug in the power source ( 7.4v  battery and USB).

Help! pleaseee...




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Hello descobar, welcome

Hello descobar, welcome !

here's how to send a noworky

It's helpful if you state your problem in detail & use pictures to describe your setup.  1 picture = 1000 words.

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Hi Grog,   Thank you! I'm

Hi Grog,


Thank you!

I'm happy to be here laugh



Please let me know if this helps

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Still not working

Hi Grog,


Not sure if you received the not worky, and if I did it properly.

I'm still not beign able to move the hand servos.


Thank you !

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Hello Descobar - I recieved a

Hello Descobar - I recieved a no-worky from you Feb-25 .. Is that the last one you did?

If so it has a port in use error.  And I can see that you loaded the MRLComm.ino into the Arduino in the same session. This only has to be done once and once its done you should restart MRL.  

After its successfully upload, you won't need to upload again, unless you upgrade to InMoov 2.