Hallo @ all
Who MRL run on Linux Mint. Can anyone give me some tips so go the runs it. Have problems with the connection to the board


9 years ago

Hi andromus,

Can you give us more precisions please ...

What is your board (UNO,Mega, duemillanove ...) ?

Does your board work with the arduino's IDE ?

Did you get an error message from MRL ?

If your board work well with the arduino's IDE, did you sent the sketch MRLComm.ino in your board ?


Hello Beetlejuice 
Have now reinstalled everything on Lubuntu 
Have currently the Board mega 2560 Want gradually activate my Robot inmoov. 
The error which occurs in the mrl is: did not get response from arduino. 
The board I can not choose. no options possible. 
the port / dev / ttyACM0 can be activated. 
Arduino IDE works. Test runs successfully servo. the program mrl true but not running. 
thank you 
PS: do you speak German?

have the tutorial played by Alessandruino successful small!
but still can not select the correct board in 2560.
look up on the picture

Thanks for the link and the support 
The log sent this time with my user name:-). 
A Arduino folder in the folder does not exist mrl. 
Myrobotlab.jar is stored in the folder opt / mrl 
Arduino IDE is automatically stored in the folder / usr / share / arduino. 
'm curious whats wrong