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Over the last few months these "Coloured Neon lamp indicators" have been popping up on the matrix, so I could not resit...well who could not resist mixing 3.3volt logic with 170volt.

They come in a variety of colours "Green","Blue" and "Orange" , the glow intensity is good even in daylight.


j'ai recement telecharger Java version 1.8.0_151 64 bits car mon systeme est en 64 bits, depuis MyRobotLab bloque au chargement du service mais sur FAlse dans le fichier de config.

Всем привет!
Я пытаюсь подключить два ультразвуковых датчика, как в примере

Hi Guys,

the more i dive into robotics, the more i feel the need to use stepper motors.

Especially on the inmov head/neck it could be a cool option to remove the servo noises, also steppers are pretty cheap, thanks due to 3d printing massproduction :) Sure the code would need a lot of adjustment, and positioning is also a challange, end stops, hall sensors, but its fun! :)

I know this topic was there in the past already, whats the current situation, is it work in progress? 

I just purchased my first 3D printer about 2+ months ago as a COVID stay sane self-isolation distraction. Recently I discovered InMoov and thought that would be a good project to occupy my stay at home time with.  I have worked with Arduinos and Rasp PIs and thought this would be engaging on many different levels. 

I started documenting my project here on instagram:

I have a background in the arts and in I.T.