Stepper motors, once again :)

Hi Guys,

the more i dive into robotics, the more i feel the need to use stepper motors.

Especially on the inmov head/neck it could be a cool option to remove the servo noises, also steppers are pretty cheap, thanks due to 3d printing massproduction :) Sure the code would need a lot of adjustment, and positioning is also a challange, end stops, hall sensors, but its fun! :)

I know this topic was there in the past already, whats the current situation, is it work in progress? 

Iam thinking about steppers like NEMA17, bi-polar, 4wire. What are your thoughts? 

Greetings from Hamburg, germany


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i would certianly explore

i would certianly explore steppers in a closed loop setup like  the

Makerbase MKS SERVO42B V1.0 Closed Loop Driver,  not something ive played with yet  but I certainly intend to explore in the new year for robotics 

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Hello, it is not good idea to

Hello, it is not good idea to use steppers in robotics.

Steppers are heavy and have relatively low torque. They are often used in industrial robots.

For example:

but they are bad for mobile robots.

Good idea to use BLDC motors with controller like thise

But it is very expensive for home craft

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Replacement for servo and stepper motors

I am going to sit back and wait for electroactive polymers or super-coiled polymers. A fraction of the weight and mass of a motor and no moving parts.  See: