Just one small question:

Is it possible to have two instance of OpenCv ? One for left eye and one for right eye ?

In this case, left eye for face recognizer and right eye for face tracking for example.

Thank you for your answers


Hi Dom,

   Yes, you can definitely have multiple opencv processes running.   One caviot though.

A while back (as a bit of a hack that needs to be cleaned up)  I added a video streamer to opencv to support streaming video to the webgui.  If you want to start multiple opencv instances up, this video streamer will conflict, so you need to disable it before capturing by running the following line of code before you start capturing from the opencv service.

opencv.streamerEnabled = False 

I guess the bigger question is, what are you trying to do ?  The Oculus Rift service creates 2 opencv instances, one for the left eye, one for the right eye... but last I checked, the oculus service only worked with the DK2..  (I haven't updated it yet for the CV1 version of the rift.)




Any reason you don't do tracking and face recognition at the same time on the same camera?  You should be able to do both...  just add both filters