Hi! I am pretty new here. I am able to start MRL and run ProgramAB, but I am clueless as to how I can 'hook' it to anything outside MRL.

Can someone point me out on how would I be able to connect a python, php, js script to my MRL in order to 'send' something to the ProgramAB service and 'get' the response back?

Excuse me if this is too basic, I couldn't find the docs about it.


Thanks in advance! 


8 years 1 month ago


The best is if you can use python from within MRL. When you start MRL, there will be a Python tab where you can write, load, save and execute pyton scripts. The Python, is actually Jython ( a Java implementation of Python ) so you also have access to everything that you can do in Java. So it's a very powerful tool.

You can also start MRL with command line parameters to start pyton and execute a python script.

Some more info is here:







Thanks a lot Mats! I will check it out. If I can access program-ab using python that would be amazing. I will go through the links you sent me and (might come back with questions)