montanadad sent me a link to a python file he's working on, and here is an initial pr for it

It's going well.  Was glad to see the Adafruit16 worky with my servos.  We have alot of differences between our builds - He is farther along than mine.  He has eye servos (I chose not to use them).  

burned a couple hours with bot Super - (not so super) trying to use the bot editor, and having changes overwritten with csv files ...

After a little finagling I got an ear to work too - on the webgui of another computer attached to the raspi mrl service.  Chrome doesn't like microphone going over http, but you can add a site to an exception list to get it to work.

Got the rascamvid to work too with low latency over the network - current reciever for it though is mplayer running on Linux, on the raspi camera side its using netcat :)


3 years 2 months ago

The Super bot was driving me nuts, because I could not show cause and effect.
Turned out it had a huge wad of aimlf csv files which would overwrite all the aiml definitions.  I removed the aimlf files, checked it in.  Happy to report after the build, restarting myrobotlab.jar in a clean directory brought down the latest. Additionally, WOOHOO - no overwriting aimlf - I had cause and effect.  Put a little aiml in, saved the file, reloaded the bot - "LOOK LEFT" => "I WILL LOOK LEFT" ... goodtimes...