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Looks cool! Can even comment

Looks cool! Can even comment comments!

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<img src="PASTE IMAGE LINK HERE" width=200 height=200 />

See "Subject", HowTo post a picture in the ShoutBox :)

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Omitting the height attribute

Omitting the height attribute will preserve the aspect ratio

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Hi everyone, I'm doing a replica mini spot and I tested the service MPU6050 and it does not work. Is someone already working on it?


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InMove not working

His name is Alex. He worked great for months. Then one day a few weeks ago he stopped working. I was involved in some medical issues that kept me from troubleshooting the issue. Now I am back.
I just reloaded the mrl.ino on both of his mega256 boards successfully. His com ports are 9,10, and 3 for the neopixel board. Now when I start it up it gets to I may start other systems please wait it seems to stop. It goes no further. Coincidentaly we had some storms while he was powered up and lost power for about 30 seconds while the backup generator started. Is it possible at least one of his mega boards got damaged?