I'm managed to run the webGui as mentioned in the github examples for the webGui.

But I don't understand who to lunch the angular web gui has seen in this video and this tutorial (but it only shows how to run it. in the WebGUI.java I've found "api-type must be (services | messages), please refer to http://myrobotlab.org/content/myrobotlab-web-api for details" yet the link is down.. 

Is there a tutorial I missed? or someone could kindly help me plz?


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Hi Avi and Welcome... To

Hi Avi and Welcome...

To start with you'd need the latest build  - this link is above the shoutbox and always is pointing to the latest build of MRL..

To keep things in sync too, you want to delete your C:\Users\(name)\.repo directory too, before installing the services of the latest build.

Hope that makes sense..

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Hi,TY.When you mentioned



When you mentioned the static folder i guessed this is my problem & fixed the locations of the resources in the code so it will fit my folders structre. [I cloned the github yesturday so I guess I'm in the latest + changed only the static folder location to: .resource("D:\\Inmoov\\Code\\MRL_repo\\myrobotlab\\src\\resource") ]

So now I'm able to access the 

But I can't activate anything both and return 404 page not found. 

Yet when I change to  I do get a small list in json, after I run
Than  I got huge json with pins etc' 
But still couldn't connect to a anything without the /api/ 

Why can't I access the nor the

What did I missed?
Best regards.
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Cloning the source is only

Cloning the source is only useful if you want to "change" the code ...

I think you just want to run the "latest" WebGui

This video shows how to do that step by step - hope it helps

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Thank you again!I was

Thank you again!

I was managed to get the webgui to work when followed the video you sent. 
Connecting was very easy yet I wasn't able to start a servo service, it opened the gui for it but there was no way to controll it. 

I do intend to add some features soon [just never coded in java]

Could you kindly direct me to a tutorial about:
1 . Adding services
2. How to  add section to the gui which could controll the the servos

Yes a "no tutorials read the code is OK" as well I just started :) 

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Hit F-5 - and the webpage

Hit F-5 - and the webpage will refresh ... not all services pop guis..

If you learn how to update, it will help you in the long run.

You can update by stopping mrl, download the new jar from the same link and replace existing one, restart.

Servo gui looks borked .. there is lots of stuff happening, we'll take a look..