trying to learn

who wrote the kinematics part of the software wondering if he took the shoulder joint into the eq. I am trying to learn but its a little confusing maybe someone can point me in the right direction and can we use java libraries in myrobotlab 

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not sure who wrote the

not sure who wrote the kinematics, calamity or moz4r or both wrong?

I did my own kinematic with python, you might want to have a look at this:

It has its reference point at midStomag


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  So, the kinematics in MRL has been worked on by a few people.  From my recolection, the initial InverseKinematics service was written by Alessandro, I wrote the InverseKinematics3D service, and Calamity wrote the IntegratedMovement service.

The InverseKinematics3D service is based on the course work from the Stanford Introduction to robotics class that is freely available on line here:

Additionally, the motion planning book that is available here :

Includes much of the required matrix math for doing the translations and rotations...

There are a few approaches to solving an inverse kinematics problem.  The one I implemented uses the "pseudo inverse jacobian" method and uses an iterative algorithm to move the servos so the robot hand reaches it's target in 3D space.

I've done a few blog posts on this in the past.  

This might be a good one to look at:

hope this helps point you in the left direction!