I have the same problems as reported in this topic;


unfortunately the proposed solutions don't seem to be working for me. Hunted for zombies (weren't there), reinstalled drivers (to no avail) and even tried different arduino boards (after going through 2 different megas, 3 chinese knockoff unos and an official uno, I think I can safely exclude board).

It doesnt matter on which com its on, even hooking up multiple arduinos on different com ports doesn't help. A clean reboot (in case of unnoticed zombies) also doesnt work.

updating to arduino 1.06 also did not resolve the problem. Meh.

Any suggestions?




8 years 4 months ago

Ciao blazingeclipse,

After you start myrobotlab and start an Arduino service send us a no worky...

It s in the help menu..


8 years 4 months ago

What Operating System are you on?  Windows?

When I've had that problem in the past what I've done is test with a normal Arduino IDE outside of MRL to see if you can find the board without MRL running at all.  If you can, then the problem might be that the librxtx library (file depends on what OS you're running) isn't in the library path that MRL uses.  What I've done to fix this on some Arm based linux boards was find and copy the librxtx file from the external Arduino installation into MRL.

The more details we have about your setup the quicker we can make it "worky".


8 years 4 months ago

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A no worky is on its way! Im running windows 8. I can find arduino in de IDE of arduino itself, otherwise I wouldn´t be able to upload the comm sketch to the arduino. I can also spot the com in windows device manager, so the com port is there! To be absolutely certain its not the board or comport, i´ve tested some serial stuff using python and the arduino IDE, which seems to work just fine.

I hope you guys can find it! I´ve got a nearly completed inmoov waiting to be become alive :)




OK... I looked inside your no worky and I have a couple of questions because I suspect something :

1) which version of myrobotlab are you using?

2)why you installed a 32 bit java version for your computer? (I guess win8 it s a 64 bit)

3) can you post a screenshot of the inside of the c:/robot (myrobotlab) folder and of the c:/robot/libraries/native/x86.32 folder?


Ale ;)

Eh, curious that im running a 32 bit. It came preinstalled, and I never bothered to check. 


im running myrobotlab version 1.0.86


The folder you mentioned ( c:/robot/libraries/native/x86.32'' isnt there. I´ve included c:/robot/libraries/native/x86.64.windows instead.

main folder:



In the mean while, I'll see if updating to  a 64 bit version of Java is gonna fix things. Especially since you suspect something and are asking questions about 32/64 bit issues, and the folder you requested is missing. Might be the culprit.

Yep.. The problem is that mrl is looking for the x86.32 folder since your system is wrongly recognized as 32 bit because of the wrong java version..

You can notice that fact in the upper left corner in the runtime tab..

Oh... Remember to remove the 32 bit version from your computer since if there are both the 32 bit us choosen by default...


yaay! That seemed to have fixed it. I can connect to it. Thanks for the help.

Silly java... trying to prevent the rise of our new robotic overlords.


8 years 4 months ago

Ahoy blazingeclipse .. and welcome !

Looked at your log and I see this error - 

43931 [runtime] ERROR class org.myrobotlab.logging.Logging  - ------
org.simpleframework.xml.core.ValueRequiredException: Empty value for @org.simpleframework.xml.Element(name=, type=void, data=false, required=true) on field 'portName' private java.lang.String org.myrobotlab.service.Arduino.portName in class org.myrobotlab.service.Arduino at line 4

To resolve this you must delete your .myrobotlab directory - that's the (dot)myrobotlab directory - it contains a bunch of xml files