Using an atmega 2850 board I was able to upload the arduino service using COM5 and latest versions of arduino and MRL following the video tutorial from Alessandro.

When running the InMoov service in MRL however I can not select the COM port, message is "0 serial lines found" and I get only refresh/attach/soft reset in the port menu. I am sure I have seen in other earlier tries my COM-port but with these latest versions it looks like its gone.

COM5 shows normal in the windows device manager and ist set to 57600 as recommended.

Any suggestion what to do (reinstalled USB driver, rebooted, retried loading multiple times). No multiple instances running of arduino.


Do this :

Open myrobotlab, open an Arduino service from the runtime tab, copy the sketch which is in the Arduino tab, just upload that sketch using the Arduino ide.

Do this just One time..

Open a fresh myrobotlab, your com port should be there

Please, forget about the mrlcomm library... We stepped back to the old mrlcomm.ino monolithic file...

Hi Alessandro

I followed initially the video on the inMoov page http://www.inmoov.fr/how-to-start-myrobotlab/

After redoing everything and getting arduino 1.0.6 I get Com6 as port shown and when running myrobotlab  i.right found once this as serial port.

Trying to make the servo moove I fall back into the mode "found 0 serial ports" and i.right can not connect.

Trying to load arduino onto the board a second time does not work

I am lost.



After trying few things I saw that closing the Arduino IDE gave me back the serial port in myrobotlab - great.

Now I get in the console "found 1 serial ports COM6"

but below in red:

sendMsg input/output error in writeByte


Hello Juerg,

A serial port can only be opened and used by one application at a time.  Usually Arduino IDE does not "open" the serial port - except (when uploading &  when monitoring)

MRL needs to keep the serial port open if it is to communicate to the Arduino hardware.

I think you may have a problem of zombies .. check for multiple javaw.exe or java.exe in the Process manager..  When you start MRL make sure there are NONE - if there are .. kill them all .. then start MRL.

This might clear up some of the confusion

Here is a link on how to hunt for zombies : 

Good luck!


I can't explain what exactly happened or what stept I did but I am finally able to control the servos!

Thanks for your patiance and help