Sensor (PIR) affected Tracking

Arduino Pin 3 (Green) is in a low state - all filters remove and the Tracking service is in an IDLE state

Arduino Pin 3 - switches to a HIGH state which activates filters which are more condusive to face tracking (Gray and PyramidDown) - Servos now follow pan and tilt until Pin 3 goes LOW again and filters are removed.

borsaci06 has been pateintly waiting to get his PIR to activate face tracking, and now I believe he can do it in bleeding edge version 1850 (just hit the bleeding update button and confirm version upgrade)

The Tracking service has been under some mad evolution lately... 

Currently Tracking  supports:

  • Face Tracking
  • LK Optical Tracking
  • Foreground Background seperation 

LK Optical is more effecient and less resource intensive than Face Tracking

Face Tracking is Face Detection with adjustments to servos on each detection, which is much more resource intensive

Foreground Background seperation - is not "tracking" but is detection of the foreground, by short time memorization of the background and then finding the difference of something new in the foreground.

At this point it would probably be good to start categorizing some of the filters to help with TLD (Tracking Learning Detecting)

The Tracking service should allow an easy gateway for experimentation in all 3 of these categories


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borsaci06's picture

PIR affected tracking....

Yay Grog.... i see that u have worked on it .. i am running to test it.. will inform u about results... thx for ur effort... will update to 1850 first and see what have changed.... 

Edit: TESTED... Worky... at the first attempt... just modified the script to my config and worked flawlessly... but state transition from idle state and detection is a bit annoying... the opencv resolution is full at idle state and then filters came into effect when detection state is on... the idle state should have same opencv config... will try on that.... and also i have to play with the retriggering of the sensor, it doesnt stay on for a reasonable time although i tuned it to be on for at least 30secs... Thx a lot for your efforts you are a Guru....

hairygael's picture

I went to the electronic shop

I went to the electronic shop today, thinking they would just have a PIR sensor in stock... Well no.

Mmmh I will try another shop, I guess.

I would like to try that on InMoov. Good idea boarsaci, good job Grog!