Robyn Inmoov pressure sensors part 3

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Very nice job

Excellent work!

Month ago I was thinking of this and you made it work!

Nice job Markus.

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Great work...


Great work.... Kudos... Inspired by your work, I made something similar to this... An alternative approach to making touch sensitive skin.... I posted my work here:

Pls take a look.... Cheers..



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Got Micro to work - above is

Got Micro to work - above is an analog trace.  The problem was the library used for serial communication (rxtxLib) can not handle the Micro's serial connection.  The Micro uses "bit-banging" where the serial reading of data is done with software (virtual port) while other Arduino's have "real" hardware dedicated for the port.  I have now gotten MRL working with a newer serial library (Jssc lib)..   And everything appears worky on my machine .   Now comes the logistics of making a build and modifying the MRLComm.ino so that it will compile without errors on the Micro & still allow PWM changes on other boards.

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Tested now with

Tested now with :

myobotlab.jar build - off API2 (local dev)
MRLComm.ino - for the micro

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Pressure sensor update

Hi Markus, It's been awhile since your last update on this project. How is your pressure sensors coming along? I am wondering if you have them finished and if so how it is working for you?