Hi all, i'm new here (newbie).

I've buy a new arduino uno, i have some servos, and all works great with myrobotlabs, and thank you for that!

My problem is,I don't know wich type of camera i need to buy for connect it to arduino, for using a pan tilt tracking.

I don't know if i need to buy an USB Host Shield or if i need to buy a webcam or a sample VGA Camera or CCTV Camera.

My question is how to display a video image with opencv on myrobotlabs ? (What i need to buy and what i have to connect with what ?)


8 years ago

If you want to use OpenCV in MRL you won't be hooking the camera to the arduino. The camera (usually USB) will be hooked to a computer like a laptop,desktop,or small system like a raspberry pi. The OpenCV service in MRL running on the computer can then tell the arduino service to do things like moving servos in a pan-tilt mount. Usually there is a tracking service involved too.


8 years ago

Thank for your fast reply.
I don't have a webcam but i have a wireless camera and usb converter (EasyCAP) i've uploaded a video on youtube for explain where is my problem.
As you can see the streaming work on my computer (with the software came with EasyCAP), but when I click on capture on opencv nothing appears.


If you can help please

Thank you in advance !

Thanks for the video explanation.  It does not really surprise me the USB/RF Camera module for the computer does not work.  OpenCV is fairly temperamental regarding input drivers - it certainly does not support all of them.

I know Gareth has a similar setup, you might want to ask him if he got it working with OpenCV.

I have used the OpenCV with an EasyCap video capture system......you have roughly the same set up as I made.

......I must say when it works it works well ....

....However due to the drivers it is more hit and miss... At the start I had a problem installing the drivers on my Windows 8.1 system. As the drivers are not signed you have to fool windows into installing them by turning off the Windows check certification tick in the box, even now I am not 100% sure if they sync correctly (they do work though, not all the time)

Also:- Try changing the camera pulldown button on the MRL OpenCV tab to change the channel number... often I had to change this to point the openCV to the right camera.

Personally I would getting it up and running first with a usb direct connect webcam .

Here is a vid on fooling Windows certification .....




8 years ago

The driver for the Easy Cap isnt' a normal webcam type of driver.  I found someone with the same problem here and they pointed to an answer here.   In summary you need "DVdriver or similar" to act as a go between to translate the TV tuner driver that came with Easy Cap into a standard webcam driver.  Hope this helps.

Thank you very much !!!!!!!!

Thank you Gareth and thank you kmcgerald now it's working !!

I could not post earlier because I had a lot of things to do for the university year...

I just download Dvdriver, and then when i start opencv i've try a lot of channel and "voilà" it work like magic

Now i can try to make a pan tilt for camera following and then start a big project, i will upload all here.

Here a screenchot :