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System  Worky/No-Worky Comments tested by borsaci - tested by GroG (windows 7) Alessandruino (windows 8)
x86.32.linux (not tested) - scheduled to be tested by GroG
x86.64.inux tested by Alessandruino (Ubuntu)
x86.64.mac KMC - "Tonight I tested the bleeding edge with my MacBook Pro running 10.8.5 and it's integrated "FaceTime HD" camera that is attached to the USB bus internally and it SUPA-WORKY! "
10.7 - worky - usbcam - no-worky 
PS3Eye - no-worky
armv6.hfp.32.linux RasPi 

Odroid / BBB - DJ knows where working binaries are - GroG need Platform identification info

Another part to the compound key is Soft / Hard Floating Point info - Need to add this to the System identification ?  I hope not...  need in REPO

Worky on Odroid sfp confirmed


raver1975 - BBB - Ubuntu - need in REPO

kmc tested - UDOO - Debian Wheezy


Verified Cameras

Model Operating System Status Comments
EliteBook - 8560w (internal) GroG Tested
PS3Cam - ???   (no luck so far) KMC Tested OS X 10.8.5
Apple FaceTime HD (internal) x86.64.mac (10.8.5) KMC Tested
Microsoft LifeCam Cinema (Wide Angle 720p Autofocus USB2)

x86.64.mac (10.8.5)

armv7.hfp.32.linux (udoo)

KMC Tested

Microsoft LifeCam HD 6000

x86.64.mac (10.8.5)

KMC Tested



System Camera Performance FPS Comments
armv7.hfp.32.linux microsoft lifecam, circa 1996. 4 fps room for improvement
armv7.sfp.32.linux ??? 21 fps DWR I believe DJ had similar performance


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kmcgerald's picture

Mac OS X 10.8.5 worky!

Today we tested the bleeding edge with my Mac Pro tower running 10.7.x and were not able to get OpenCV to work with the USB camera I had plugged in. I know the camera works on the machine because it works with the Photobooth app. It is a Microsoft Lifecam HD. I was able to get OpenCV working with a MOV video file and with an IP camera as a input feed so it appears that OpenCV mostly works, just not with the USB camera. I have been able to compile OpenCV 2.4.3 and 2.4.7 outside of MRL and get the examples to work with the USB camera on this system but right now we're using JavaCV 0.6 which is paired with OpenCV 2.4.6(.1) which does have a known bug for Macs which might be what is hanging this system up.  I'm not planning to use this system with MRL for anything other than playing around or testing so I don't think it is worth spending a lot of time troubleshooting.

Tonight I tested the bleeding edge with my MacBook Pro running 10.8.5 and it's integrated "FaceTime HD" camera that is attached to the USB bus internally and it SUPA-WORKY!  The camera is a 1080HD camera so the capture image took over most of my high res display.  I used one PyramidDown filter and that brought the resolution to an uncrowded level. I used facedetect with each of the filters and all worked as expected. I wasn't able to get the PS3Eye camera to work with it using the OpenCV input or PS3Eye inputs from the pull down on the OpenCV tab.  That's not very surprising since the PS3Eye is not well supported on OS X.

When I'm not printing part of InMoov, I'll try to test my Kinect with the OpenCV stuff on OS X.

borsaci06's picture

new openCV...

I am using the humblest system among other users... A win xp 32bit just because it is stable... have 2 systems on my pc, can be selected at boot... win 7 created me problems so i mostly use win xp on my robotics projects... I am not a performance guy so i am not also using my 64bit win7 notebook too... Just to wrap things up, I tested the new MRL build 1881 with all services loaded and can say that Tracking works much better now... more fps and more agile tracking especially if you set PID Kp to 10... only annoying thing is when I make a change in the python script, like, adding new setPID command, MRL tries to save that immediately and then the file may be saved with errors, that causes python errors when you try to reload the script from saved position later even with a fresh MRL... so be careful to copy-paste your running script to a different media such as Notepad++ or similar...  that is all I wanted to share...

GroG's picture

Thanks Guys

Thanks for all the testing !  This is going much much faster than I could ever hope to do by myself.
Great teamwork !

DancesWithRobots's picture

Maybe I can help. . .

I've got a paper for an online class due today by midnight, and I intend to get it off my plate first thing this morning.  I've got an Odroid setup similar to DJ's  (Linux image with ROS, OCV and ONI.)  I also have an Xtion Pro Live, and some generic USB cams. What do you need to know?

Also, my daily driver is a 32b Linux tower.  Maybe we can get that chart finished this weekend.

GroG's picture

Ya !

That would be great DWR...   Odroid is going to take some effort, but the Linux 32 should be easy.  
How's it feel mapping the new frontier again :)

DancesWithRobots's picture

Oh, it's good to be back. . .

Not that I was actually "gone."  Just not very active.  But yeah it's been a long time.

kmcgerald's picture

Supported OS for BBB?

So the BBB ships with Angstrom Linux. There are Debian and Ubuntu distros available for it and even a version of Fedora supposedly.  The different distros may or may not have the NEON hard floating point support compiled in or not. I'm still poking around to find an easy way to test. Which version do we want to support for MRL?  If we want to support them all we might need to dig around to figure out which ones have hard/soft FP and how to check.  I think we can check the compiler flags that are set for the OS.  I've seen a few Google Group threads asking the question and various answers with different compiler flags to use to turn on hard FP. 

Here's one post about making a symbolic link to the right library fixing some issues.

Theh post immediately after it lists the compiler flags.

GroG's picture

I remember compiling OpenCV

I remember compiling OpenCV on the raspi with parameters for HP..

But my biggest conundrum right now is IDENTIFICATION !!!! 

I think you have to have all your code either one way or the other...  Ok .. but   "ON A SYSTEM I AM ON, HOW DO I QUERY IT TO TELL ME IF ITS HP OR SP ??!?!?"

I mean it seems like a fairly simple question, but the answer eludes me...  

The package managers do it (yum / apt-get) some how .. but is it hardcoded in them ??   GAH ?  such a simple question, but I have not found how to figure it out on google yet...