a new inmoov mixte with my robot

hey hello every-body it is a  long time i haven't here

it is because i build my platform with my robot

it is a prototype with cardboard for see my mistake and after i build it

now i need to programme now and i need help if some people want help me welcome




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Programming the robot

Hi Amby

I really like the way that you are building things on a low budget.  

If you are completely new, then start with downloading and installing the latest MRL,

You can find the download link in the Shoutbox. Click on "latest build".

Then create a folder C:\MRL

Move the downloaded myrobotlab.jar into that folder.

Then run these two commands:

cd /D C:\MRL

java -jar myrobotlab.jar 


Then click the runtime tab.

Click system => Install all

It will take some time to download all.

When the download is finished, you need to restart MRL. Use the same commands as above,

After that you can play around with the different services. When you have some idea of where you want to start, then post a message again and we will try to help you.

I guess Arduino and Servo are two of the services that you want to start with.


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hello thank you for your

hello thank you for your message

yes i need to use mrl

have a skype?

my projet is:

i have one arduinouno and shield arduino for dc motor

i would like by my computer at work command my tablet android at home and my tablet by bluethoose command my arduino

my skype is ambroise83


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PC => Tablet => Arduino


In this case I would start with installing MRL on the Tablet. I don't think anyone has done that yet, but since MRL is Java based it should be possible. The new webgui will make it possible to use the PC's web browser to reach MRL on the Tablet.  

Then you could use the serial interface over bluetooth using this module:


I think the most difficult part will be to make the serial interface avaliable on the tablet since it is hardware dependant.

What type of Tablet do yo have ? Is it running Android or something else ? I have on old Android Tablet here that I cold try to do the same on. The HC-06 serial module is cheap so I can buy one to test with. 

I don't have Skype since it conflicts with a webserver that I installed. Perhaps I can install Skype one some other device later. 

I started up the old Tablet and I'm downloading MRL to it now. I will let you know how it goes. The download went OK. Now I'm installing the latest version of Android... Then I need to find a prompt to start MRL from.


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Terminal Emulator for Android

I found that there isn't any prompt available in a normal Andriod installation. So I downloaded and installed Terminal Emulator for Android. I don't think I will have access to all of the operating system with just that. So I need to figure out how to become root in the Android.

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MRL on Android

I was a bit to optimistic about how to install MRL on Android. But I find traces that Grog has done some work in that direction. I hope he can give some more input about what's possible or not.

I case it's very difficult to make MRL work in the tablet, then the cheapest hardware that I know of is the Raspberry PI zero. It costs 5 EUR but is hard to find at that price ;-) . And it i missing many of the good things that Raspbery PI 2 has, like 4 USB ports and 4 cores. So if it's to difficult to make MRL work in the tablet, I would try Raspbery PI 2 to keep the cost down. It costs about 40 EUR.

I mounted the PI in the head if my InMoov as you perhaps have seen: