New InMoov 2.0 Javadoc?

Im starting to re-write my new code for the InMoov since I upgraded to the latest version 1909, but it appears that the javadoc on the service webpage and the starter scripts are still for th 1695 version. Is there anyway I can get the javadoc for the Inmoov 2.0 and maybe a starter script if there is one? Thanks!

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Hi :) Here is InMoov 2.0 page

Hi :) Here is InMoov 2.0 page : "should" start an head and 2 hand ( left & right) "should" start head and eyes...

Are you going to beta-test ? :)

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inmoov2 arduino count and pin assignments

Hi Ale, Do the services used by the code on the inmoov-20 page use an uno and mega or just mega? If just the mega what pins are assigned to left and right hands?



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Hi JC, I've uploaded a new

Hi JC,

I've uploaded a new javadoc build - in the new structure there are 4 InMoov related services.

Also - if your just looking for function signatures - there is no more up to date documentation as the WebGUI's REST API ..  because this uses reflection to display the methods and number of parameters for each service.

To start a WebGUI you just need to make sure its installed - then a single line of code


It usually pops a browser or can be accessed @ http://localhost:7777 

The REST API reflects a html form which allows any method with simple parameters to be called.

These methods are guaranteed to be in the service, since they were reflected out of the service.  The ? links directly to the Javadoc's method. Granted there is not a lot of additional Javadoc info, but if you have questions about specific ones I would be sure to add descriptions.