My Inmoov Parts List and Way of Working

I only want this Robot to entertain my family and friends. He must talk a lot. Moovement with mouth and head very important. Hand and arm moovement is and exstra. As long as it talks i am happy. If i can Intertain Kids and people i am happy.

I do not want my Robot to say " You Sed " in the begining of every order. Just that part must go.



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Grog : The 16 Servo Controler

Grog : The 16 Servo Controler i just use for powering the Servos. I do not use it as a Digital controler. The Arduino control servo's alone

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Great documentation Adolph...

Great documentation Adolph (very helpful)...  We'll start evolving a script in the repo for your InMoov hybrid

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Is the Tracking moving ?  Is

Is the Tracking moving ?  Is COM15 the com port of the left Arduino ?  I see a rotate head, but is there a pin for head up and down ?

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The Comport at this stage is

The Comport at this stage is comport 10 and the head up and down is pin 13 and the head left and wright is pin 6 . Sory i have waste at 13 on list but at this stage until legs is finish it is head up and down. Hope this help.

My Jaw is pin 5.

Doesnt need to track at this stage. If you can just make it talk a lot of stuff and moove. Please. I am so curius just to let it moov. please.

Sory for my fults i am Afrikaans Speaking. Thanks again



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My Clone Arduino Pin Layout

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Where are we at

Where are we at Adolph?

Tracking working or no ?

Speech working ?

I can add MouthControl - but need to know the COM # of the right Arduino

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Tracking work right Arduino

Tracking work right Arduino Com is 15

Can you put mouth on left arduino pin 5


Speech working but you didnt put mouth to talk



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# script for AdolphSmith #

# script for AdolphSmith
mouth = Runtime.createAndStart("mouth","Speech")
mouth.speakBlocking("Hello. I have powered up")
mouth.speakBlocking("And now I will start a Tracking service")
tracker = Runtime.createAndStart("tracker", "Tracking")
mouthControl = Runtime.createAndStart("mouthControl","MouthControl")
mouthControl.mouth.speak("hello. i am testing mouth control. does it work. i dont know")
# set specifics on each Servo
servoX = tracker.getX()
servoX.setMinMax(30, 170)
servoY = tracker.getY()
servoY.setMinMax(30, 150)
# optional filter settings
opencv = tracker.getOpenCV()
# setting camera index to 1 default is 0
# connect to the Arduino
# Gray & PyramidDown make face tracking
# faster - if you dont like these filters - you
# may remove them before you select a tracking type with
# the following command
# tracker.clearPreFilters()
# diffrent types of tracking
# simple face detection and tracking
# tracker.faceDetect()
# lkpoint - click in video stream with 
# mouse and it should track
# scans for faces - tracks if found
# tracker.findFace() 
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If it is possable can you

If it is possable can you make head centre 56 and Jaw limits 155 and 162 please