My InMoov

This will be my first blog entry. Likely I will post mostly pics... I hope.

This is the state of my InMoov as of Feb. 3 2018.

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attempting to upload images and asking a question.

The question I have is hw do I get this robot to act like a robot. Or in other words move more than one servo at a time?

 I am given to understand that what I want to do is execute a python script. I have myrobotlab up and running and can move one servo at a time from either of my two Arduon Megas. Now how do I get him to do more?

 It was suggested that I inquire of moz4r about executing python scripts. If you (or anyone else for that matter ) is willing to offer me some guidance in this I would appreciate it. 

  I am still trying to figure out how to upload photos to this blog so that you can see the current state of the project. I lieu of that therer are some recent shots on flickr at:


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I could be going the wrong direction.

Hello Mike,

From you recent messages in the shoutbox, you may have caused a problem with your inmoov.bat file.
Not sure what the problem is, but since you now have plenty of practice, i would suggest a fresh install to get back to the point where your testing has been working.

When you run the Inmoov.bat file, you should on a windows 10 machine get the virtual Inmoov running.

This is an important first step as it proves your computer is running My Robot Lab (MRL) correctly.
Remember the first run may take quite a while to execute as the program will download a lot of service that you will need for your moving robot.

Once you have the virtual Inmoov working successfully you will need to edit the configuration files for Inmoov to tell it you actually have hardware connected and also set the limit you have previously recorded with all your individual servo testing.

I am going to make the assumption you installed your MRL in the C: drive of your computer.

Have a look at the following directory

In that directory you will find all the config files for InMoov.
It is these file you will need to edit to tell MRL running the InMoov python scripts where to find your hardware, what pins you are using and the rage limits of each servo.

for more detailed information on the settings of these files have a look at

After working your way though those files, do let us know how you got on.


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Hi MikeG, your obviously are

Hi MikeG,

your obviously are a highly skilled builder, my recommondation is "not to rush" software.  I can understand it might be initially frustrating, since you obviously know now to solve a myriad of complicated material, mechanical and electrical problems.

We all know you are an intellegent and skilled individual, I'd hate to see your hard work go up in flames - but this will happen if you rush.

I'm excited that you got past the software process of loading the Arduino and controlling single servos.

I'd recommend instead of looking for the software "switch" which makes it all work like a "robot" from Star Wars - you set very specific and "small" goals - and build incremently in skill, confidence and complexity.

For example - perhaps your first goal should be :

1. Control Safely ONLY the Hand through voice commands !  

This goal is composed of several sub-goals

  • resolve gui problems - (we need more detailed info on what issue your having)
  • find how to execute a python script in the python tab (do simple commands like print and loops)
  • become aware that python can change state information which can persist as long as myrobotlab is running
  • learn how to start a service through the python tab (Python btw is just another service in myrobotlab, and being "just another" service allows it to be controlled too)
  • learn how to start the InMoov service
  • learn how to start an InMoov hand
  • learn how to "attach" a SpeechRecognition service to the Hand

Don't rush, have a dead man switch or safety available at all times of new experimentation.

Don't hesitate to ask questions, the same rules apply, the more details and considered the more likely you will get a detailed and considered response.

Moz4r who is a very skilled software developer has developed a very large and very cool script (which starts a bazillion tabs & services), it has grown in complexity and capability - but its probably akin to going from 0 to 130 mph for someone unfamiliar with driving.

Start small - and I'm sure you'll be racing shortly ...


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Hi MikeG, For documetation

Hi MikeG,

For documetation I'd recommend browsing through the "matrix" of service myrobotlab provide

Matirx : -

Each one is "clickable" and takes you  to what we call a "Service Page" which currently is the most concentrated and specific information regarding any specific service.  Hopefully, it will have a example python script which demonstrates the basic functionality of the service.  The idea is that as you become more famiar with the Services you will become more comfortable assembling them together like "blocks", building more complex systems.  Moz4r has done exactly that with many of these blocks.

To get started you will want to know about the Python service, as this service executes the "examples"

and perhaps the next step would be the InMoovHand service

as you can see all service pages follow the same convention to get to their service pages -{service name} 

and as you will soon see - they often lack much documentation .. this happens when you work on the plane while its flying ... 

If your intersted in documenting what you see as deficits, I would gladly give you permissions to do so ..