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I have a mac mini and want to run it Myrobotlab.
i building for 10 months on my InMoov but I get Myrobotlab (V1.0.99)  to run only partially.
OpenCV with Camera Hercules HD 
The camera just does not work. OpenCV always brings  the error
(NullPointerException null)


OpenNI for Kinect is always  

(UsatisfiedLinkError SimpleOpenNIJNI.swig_module_init () V)

please help


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Hello and welcome xmike !You

Hello and welcome xmike !

You should follow this mac guy ! -

OpenCV & OpenNI are not 1 click/work Services yet .. we are working on that...

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I have tested with 1.1.13 MRL

I have tested with 1.1.13 MRL Camera goes.
but InMoov Python script not connect Arduino.
New MRL at the arduino!
# this script is provided as a basic guide
# most parts can be run by uncommenting them
# InMoov now can be started in modular pieces
leftPort = "/dev/tty.usbmodem11331"
rightPort = "/dev/tty.usbmodem11341"
i01 = Runtime.createAndStart("i01", "InMoov")
# starts everything
i01.startAll(leftPort , rightPort)
# how to invert the left hand fingers begin
# i01.leftHand.thumb.setInverted(True)
# i01.leftHand.index.setInverted(True)
# i01.leftHand.majeure.setInverted(True)
# i01.leftHand.ringFinger.setInverted(True)
# i01.leftHand.pinky.setInverted(True)
# how to invert the left hand fingers end
# starting parts
# starting part with a reference, with a reference
# you can interact further
opencv = i01.startOpenCV()
# or you can use i01's reference
# after a start you may call detach to detach all
# currently attached servos
# auto detaches any attached servos after 120 seconds of inactivity
# i01.autoPowerDownOnInactivity()
# purges any "auto" methods
# remote control services
# WebGUI - for more information see
# XMPP - for more information see
# system check - called at anytime
# take the current position of all attached servos <- FIXME
# and create a new method named "newGesture"
# all ear associations are done python startEar() only starts
# the peer service
# After ear.startListening(), the ear will listen for commands
# i01.systemCheck()
# verbal commands
ear = i01.ear
# commands with i01.getName() use the InMoov service methods
ear.addCommand("attach", i01.getName(), "attach")
ear.addCommand("detach", i01.getName(), "detach")
ear.addCommand("rest", i01.getName(), "rest")
ear.addCommand("power down", i01.getName(), "powerDown")
ear.addCommand("power up", i01.getName(), "powerUp")
ear.addCommand("open hand", i01.getName(), "handOpen", "both")
ear.addCommand("close hand", i01.getName(), "handClose", "both")
ear.addCommand("camera on", i01.getName(), "cameraOn")
ear.addCommand("off camera", i01.getName(), "cameraOff")
ear.addCommand("capture gesture", i01.getName(), "captureGesture")
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Yeah . there were some race

Yeah . there were some race conditions in 113 - 

try 114

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You need to upload the new

You need to upload the new mrlcomm ino sketch... You find it in the arduino tab in myrobotlab.. 113 and 114 use more mrl comm ino sketch

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did not get response from arduino

I have tested the new Mrl1.0.14!
and grants I get the error
did not get response from arduino
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you uploaded the new mrlcomm

you uploaded the new mrlcomm sketch in your arduino board, before to connect to new mrl?

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New Mrlcomm on Arduino

New Mrlcomm on Arduino but still

did not get response from arduino

New Arduino vers. 


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Please send a noworky from

Please send a noworky from version 115 after you run the script ... Now we will be able to see your log error

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Received your no-worky....

Received your no-worky.... i'm having a clue what that error is for... i have your same problem....

try this :

after you execute the script open, in another pyhton tab write :


hit the execute button

after a couple seconds write :



let me know

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it works

it works
I only give him commands he ude but he does not make it!
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add this to your script

add this to your script :