IPLimage stream from java

 I've got a working attention system trying to merge with myrobotlab but it needs iplimages from opencv and the whole setup is written in c++ need to be able to stream left and right eyes need to know how to stream to a c++ program

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MRL's OpenCV service has the

MRL's OpenCV service has the capability of converting Iplimages to jpgs.  You might want to initially do the transfer using jpg files.

For example :

opencv = Runtime.start('opencv','OpenCV')
sleep(3) # camera warm up

this should save the input frame to a jpg

next step is make your c++ program process the jpg

after that is working instead of saving as individual files, you could us network connections to send the serialized jpgs

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I was reading about a mjpeg stream maybe I could work with that or maybe get so help finding alts for some of the libraries Iam using the hardest being IPOPT

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tried the writing jpeg slows framerate down to slow to be useful maybe I can work on jpeg streaming server have to find help though don't know to much about that in java


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I am currently using a RaspPi streaming video from a Pi Cam connected to it and then processing it on another instances of MRL running on a bigger computer. It may be an easy way to create your jpeg stream.

I will dig back to see who I was discussing it with... I thiink there is a fairly helpful Blog about it.


It looks like the Blog was from astro about setting up uv4l on a pi:


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Thanks will try tonight

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still not enough

I tried your way it was faster but might work if i change some things at the expense of a little accuracy let me think...... If I can pass you the pixel coord can you track like that from a server or through arduino but that would require an interrup right