how can we use regional INDIAN language's in customized voice

Hi Core Team,

How can we use regional Indian language's with customized voice ( like Hindi, Tamil, Gujrathi , Marathi , panjabi ).

how can we add any typical speaker voice or our own voice for TTS.

also  it should trigger by perticular voice or perticular person voice. (if multiple people talking it should trigger  by perticualr person's voice).

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Hello sunilskar, You might

Hello sunilskar,

You might want to look into the IndianTts service

As far a recognizing a specific voice, yes we are interested in that and there were a few projects which tried to implement it, but it hasn't been incorporated into MRL .... (yet)

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create specific voice

thanks GroG,

i want to specify that if i need to incorporate my own voice with indian tts how can it b done please provide the source.