My son turned introduced me to InMoov robot in Oct of 2016.   I broke down and boought him a 3D printer.  It collected dust.  After 3 months, in January f 2017, I did the FingerStarter, and was hooked.  I assembled the forearm and hand, and then turned to the head as I want vision, speech, and intelligence first. Gael's creation is awesome!!!!   The pieces fit so well, and are very durable.  Great piece of art blended with tech.

MyRobotLab came next, as its the tool of choice.  Being a Java developer it was quite easy to get the engine running in eclipse and setting up the Arduino Uno or Mega to take the newest MRL code.  One just has to select the correct version of the Arduino IDE.

I'm interested in adding to the MyRobotLab project.  Maybe writing an AI module that carries out conversation using the OpenNLP plugin much like Alexa or Siri.   I wrote an AI program that translated (English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, etc) various languages to DOS commands in the 90s, so its sort of like riding a bike.  I wrote about 90,000 lines of Prolog that parsed, tokenized, and did POS tagging.  Everything I did by hand then, is now openly available in the OpenNLP and Python toolsets.  :-)

I'm also interested in giving the robot spatial intelligence.  I have coded close to 1/2 million lines of Jave code in BioMight in my spare time over the past 15 years.   It's a 3D biological animation engine, and I had to make use of all the math I once hated.   Math makes art.  So, I'd like to see where I could contribute.   Maybe make a 3D virtual representation of the Robot that mimics what Robo is doing in real time. 

Thanks to the team for a great job.   Hope I can help you make improvements.  :-)





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Nice to hear


Nice to hear that. You have meet the correct site and community.
All of us are doing thing we are good for to update our projects.
I am happy that this community grows.

I think I will say it not only on my own behalf. welcome

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Hello SurferJim and welcome to our community.

There are quite a number of project on the go at any given time in this community all over the world.

Kyle has been teaching his robot to read, kwatters to remember and bart has given his legs that I am now trying to operate for walking, Grog i our captain and holds the framework together, we would be lost without him :-)

There are of course to many to name, like Moz4r and his team with the inmoov service, Mats with I2C device interfacing,ect

I like the idea of spacial recognithion with path planning being a big thing we will soon need.

I look forward to seeing any contribution you make



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You are welcome. I am new too and I am helping a lot, grog, kwatters ...
 Now I want to contribute to the community and I am preparing to interact in Spanish.
 I have a lot to learn. Thank you
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Ahoy SurferJim ! Welcome

Ahoy SurferJim !

Welcome !

Contributions are always appreciated - it sounds you have much code-Fu :)

You might be interested in the JMonkeyEngine service http://myrobotlab.org/service/JMonkeyEngine

Heh, there's not much of a Service page - but at least its started ;)

This is when I first started integration of JMonkey - http://myrobotlab.org/content/jmonkey

Now you can search google fore VInmoov or VirtualInMoov and see what people have done.



Our first "virtualized" Service was Blender, but since it Blender is written in C++ we had to integrate it with Python & Sockets.  JMonkey provided a easier tighter integration.

As a design aspect, I've always felt "less" code is better, and I'm trying to get MRL's framework to become polyglot - but at the moment the majority of MRL Services are written in Java - with the bulk of the "glue" between the services written in Python.

Hope this history helps a little with your perspective, and welcome aboard ! :D