BLDC servo

It seems that some people are interested in BLDC servo.

Here is my very first work on that :

BLDC motor and gearbox with PID control by arduino under labview.

Torquy !

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With an sinus input signal

With a sinus input signal :






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That is cool

What size type of BLDC motor did you use with your experiments?

Looks like your driving into a Planetary gearbox, what was the ratio?

I like it

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It's a "small" one. Drone

It's a "small" one. Drone BLDC, 390kV and 340W @6s. I'm using 12V PSU so it's equal to 3S battery. @3S, power decrease to 80W. Of course, plan is to use bigger motor. this is for testing purpose.

Ratio is 1:100, so a lot of torque !



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Great dude ! do you think it

Great dude ! do you think it is possible to drive your magical motor with magical bartcam board :

for a great fireworks

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Not compatable

Hello Moz4r,

Unfortunately the BLDC motor and the servo motors the Bartcam driver runs are very different.


The Bartcam driver is a H-Bridge setup switching the two wires to the DC motor independently between positive and negative to make the motor run either forwards or backwards. This control is also pulsed so as to control the power and depending on the load the speed of the motor.

A BLDC motor uses an ESC to convert the DC power to a 3 phase AC signal at various frequencies to archive speed control.  BLDC stands for Brush Less Direc Current, this however refers to the motor and ESC as a unit, and is in my opinion a bad name for this motor.