This my manipulator:

Hardware are arduino nano, 6 servos, 5 micro switchs and one proximity sensors.

Software is MrlComm, powered by MyRobotLab.



5 years 11 months ago

Very neat.

I like the little prototyping wings on the Nano.

Are those through-hole SPDT micro-switches in the finger-tips? I noticed that the board-mount force-sensors are ridiculously expensive but these are cheap. I'd be interested to see how yours perform. It's difficult to get accurate and consistent measurements using Marten and Gael's original copper plate ones.


5 years 11 months ago

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Yes, in the fingers I placed micro switches to capture the end of the fingers when the hand closes. This is more reliable than conductive foam. You can see in the picture, the switch in the finger.


Are they simply on/off momentary switches or can they be used to measure pressure as well?

I'm thinking of incorporating X axis copper tape into my other hand as well. I'll see how that works for measuring finger-tip pressure.