Hi All,

Inmoov work fine on the PC tablet.

I want to test the same version of mrl (1.0.2336) on my Mac, but the .bat don't work on mac. Can you explain to me how i can do that ?


5 years 6 months ago

Hello on MAC OS

on Mac Terminal   sh start_inmoov.sh

Lg xmike

Hi Anto,

I think i miss something...  :-(

As you see in the post "start_inmoov.sh Error" , Acapulco Rolf succeded where i failed.

I've the same MacOs (10.12.5) and the last MRL. I have to read this post again...and again  

time to decompose ! start_inmoov.sh is just a shortcut to do the job for you.

At this time you need to do the job for it. Open a terminal window command and enter :

( inside the working mrl dir , exemple cd /mrl ) > cd is to select a directory where your mrl is downloaded


java -jar myrobotlab.jar -install

ok mrl is installed


java -jar myrobotlab.jar -service python Python -invoke python execFile ./InMoov/InMoov.py

will launch the magic. maybe :)


Thanks for your answer Dude !

But... my problem is not to install mrl on the mac. Je me suis mal exprimé.

I want to have the complete service (arm, hand, head, opencv, chatbot, etc...) in mrl for my inMoov like on my PC tablet.

So, your answer : INSTALLATION : i don't do what you said cause mrl run on the mac.

LAUNCH : i don't undestand : i have to tape "java -jar myrobotlab.jar -service python Python -invoke python execFile ./InMoov/InMoov.py" in the terminal with the good directory ??

Another thing, for me inmoov.py, it's only the finger starter, not the complete service inmoov...


One more thing... ;-)

When i unzip the myrobotlab1.0.1758.zip, and lauch the latest MRL version , i only have that (see the picture)... as you can see i don't have start_inmoov.bat or .sh...