Hello All,

I have been thinking about my robots security and how I have seen people hacking into cars and driving them away. I have also seen how many people are connecting their robots to the internet to ask what the weather is, what the sports score is and so on. Plus they now passed a law that allows IP's to sell your privat info. And lets not forget about the Cloud it's out there some where I don't know.

So the question is do I really need or want my robot to be connected to the internet or wifi?

I mean I don't want to come home one night to find my robot has been hacked through wifi and opened the back door and now everything plus the robot is gone. I think I would have a nervus break down after all the hard work and time that went into building the robot not to meantion all my other stuff being gone as well.

So my next question is after downloading MRL and all its attachments can it run and work offline?

Let me know what you think and thank you for your help.


6 years 4 months ago

MRL is a generic robotics platform. So you can configure it in the way you want. 

If you are talking about InMoov it can run offline. It depends on what services you use. If you replace the WebKitSpeechRecognintion with Sphinx, then it's possible. Or of you don't use speech recognition at all  

The possibility that somebody physically will steal your robot, still exists, even if it's not connected to any network.

ProgramAb can also use internet, if you choose to use it that way.

A few other services in MRL can also use Internet, but you don't need to use them.


6 years 4 months ago

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Thank you Mats, for the reply.

Yes I want to build a Inmoov robot and also other robots of my own design. I just want to cover my bases and make it a little hard for some one to damage it or even walk away with it. I could put a siren in my robot to make it harder for some one to just carry him off.

I would let the robot connect to the internet to give me GPS coodinates so police could go in and arrest the thieve. That would be something worth putting into a robot.

I will look into the Sphinx speech recognition. I did get Microsoft speech recognition to work on Windows XP.

Thanks again.